2023 Hungarian Grand Prix-view

J-Bone previews and predicts the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix so that you can be fully prepared to enjoy the race weekend! J-BONE!

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27 Replies to “2023 Hungarian Grand Prix-view”

  1. Formula Bone says:

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  2. Kade Burgess says:


    Did you see the interview f1tv did with Yuki, if not it is worth a watch as I think his demeanour speaks volumes as he almost seems disappointed that nyck left. Read into that what you will but I think yuki does already feel the pressure of Danny being his new partner.

  3. Paul C says:

    J-bone. Loose the J-bone yell, or the bed. Two of those infantile things simply is too much. Good bye.

  4. Luis Andrés says:

    Probably the best participation from producer Jeff

  5. ItsKarma says:

    I think J-Bone forgot to tell us his favorite team and driver 🤔

  6. Evo_Squid says:

    beard is looking nice Mr. Bone

  7. I think Danny Ric will finish close to the points, but i agree Yuki will finish in front of Danny but once Danny gets used to the car i think he'll be able to fight with Yuki for finishing position

  8. fillus rahim says:

    He will get points

  9. Just have to say that Prix-view is very smart😂

  10. My predictions are:
    1. Perez will not get points
    2. 1 McLaren on the podium
    3. Albon will finish in the points

    5. Hamilton
    4. Leclerc
    3. Norris
    2. Alonso
    1. Verstappen

  11. Hunter says:

    You suddenly resemble my history teacher from last year and he too liked F1. Are you by chance living a double life?

  12. Rick says:

    I'd love to see Danny ric run good but I don't believe the car has it in it

  13. Austin West says:

    That rocky reference 😂

  14. Gasly will finish P4 Mark my Words

  15. hgpt says:

    this is such a useful video as a new fan, thanks so much!

  16. Sober Hans says:

    Bit of advice you didnt ask for – please change your channel name from “Formula Bone”.

    It comes across like one of the million other channels pumping out low quality F1 content using Chat GPT scripts based on recent F1 news. This was NOT that and I’m glad I watched it 🙂

  17. Producer Jeff should praise the Lord those Hungarians do not have a Second Amendement 🤣😂

    P.S. Love you guys! My predictions are 1. Max Verstappen 2. Lewis Hamilton 3. Sergio Perez and 9. Daniel Ricciardo

  18. Travis S says:

    2022 Hungary was pretty cool. Max won from 10th and did a 360 on track between turns 13/14.

  19. Felix says:

    i expect Aston to be quicker than McLaren in the race

  20. Yellow Blue says:

    I feel like im living in a parallel universe danny was RUBBISH at in 22 he doesn’t deserve a WEC drive let alone a F1 drive.

  21. sorry to say but i just do not like riccardo

  22. I’m going to be disappointed if they ever get rid of drs

  23. Love the new thumbnail style.

  24. Sheaper says:

    The qualifying rules sound good. Now we need all 3 thres in every race and its magic

  25. Kody Crabb says:

    F1 is going to kill its own product chasing “sustainability”. Can’t wait for more aero and less power in 26’.

  26. T Szyd says:

    Environmental impact 🤪 F1 is becoming a joke if they keep pushing environmentalist crap

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