2023 Ledgestone Open Champion Cole Redalen

2023 Ledgestone Open Champion Cole Redalen

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16 Replies to “2023 Ledgestone Open Champion Cole Redalen”

  1. PSA for those that are serious about avoiding spoilers:

    1. Realize that this is a platform in which anyone can post most anything, at anytime, (not just regular content creators) so assume that seeing a spoiler is inevitable.
    2. Be proactive and don't blame others for personal decisions. There is no crying in disc golf.
    3. Do not use your regular app or bookmark to open up youtube . Don't look at notifications.
    4. In your search engine type in what you want to see then press enter
    example: Jomez Pro 2023 Ledgestone Open
    5. Look at the results and Click on the appropriate link for what you want to see. This will then bring you to the channel for that video or it at least bring you to the channel so you can search for your desired content.
    6. But wait there is more: Once you have the video in front of you maximize the screen so you won't accidentally scroll down to see your feed which may contain spoilers (not just from people that you are subscribed too either)
    7. Enjoy!

    This may take planning and a couple more seconds, but this will improve the odds of not seeing something that you do not want to.

  2. J316 says:

    Proud of you for representing your faith

  3. J316 says:

    Fantasy league? Like fantasy football for disc golf? Im in, where can I find it?

  4. ZackP_DG says:

    Go get a Cole Redalen Pipeline, everyone! They are fantastic!

  5. Congrats Cole, that's awesome! Nice work and great advice, and thank you Scott too.

  6. Nate Maas says:

    Great interview Scott. Cole killed it at Ledgestone and on this interview. If I didn’t know he was 18 and I couldn’t see his baby face, I woulda thought he was 30+..

  7. Great stream Scott! The tournament was over yesterday so no worries on the "spoiler." In this day and age people always love to blame others and really need to grow up and take responsibility for not being as careful as they could have been regarding avoiding the results of the tournament. Still subscribed and I'm not blaming anyone. Cheers! 😃

  8. Craft H2O says:

    Lot of trolls unsubscribing for a spoiler on a Monday. Go figure, you're better off without those clowns.

  9. Steve O says:

    Your killing me smalls!

  10. SixFt12 says:

    Scott, I'm a huge fan of yours but just unsubscribed. I was looking forward to watching Jomez coverage tonight but you spoiled it right in the title, in the middle of my YouTube news feed. Disappointed.

  11. Dude I was so excited to come home after a long day of work and watch cole’s play. My wife is a huge Dga fan and the fact she got to watch one of her favorite players on the lead card. Now that is all ruined I mean I knew the easy course really would t be a surprise but spoilers equal I subscrib, sorry my dude

  12. Well there goes 6 rounds of disc golf spoiled in a second haha

  13. Eric J says:

    Scott, love your stuff, and you still have my subscription, but please back off with the spoilers.

  14. angstony says:

    I'm here for the Redalen "Beta" test! lol

  15. Toné Stark says:

    Unsubbed and thumbs down for the spoiler. WTF. Can't even wait one day before the click bait title.

  16. We have almost no young men playing in my area.. they are all over 28 . Hasn't caught on to the young set in my neck of the woods.

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