How Does He Throw A Disc Like That? | Disc Golf Ript Revenge Card Game

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Hunter, Trevor, and @RobbieCDiscGolf head to the most technical course in the area for a little Ript Revenge!
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33 Replies to “How Does He Throw A Disc Like That? | Disc Golf Ript Revenge Card Game”

  1. Use code FOUNDATION50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at

  2. Ethan Lanz says:

    Trevor not letting hunter shame the dog pulled me to team Trevor now for sure

  3. Hunter at the 8:10 mark is a classic moment. I see a gap , I’m sending it , disaster

  4. Daniel Hicks says:

    That dog followed me for the last 5 holes too

  5. At 17:53 the trees make a perfect 5 shape in the opening of the leaves. That’s pretty cool. Check it out if you doubt. It’s there and crazy perfect.

  6. Cant wait to get my bogey bros atlas bag and patch!

  7. What’s the point in a card that is played on yourself? Lol

  8. Trevor's "Who doesn't from time to time?" response was fantastic 😂👌🏼

  9. I miss it when Big Konn isn't in the video or behind the camera.

  10. Factor meals are actually pretty decently busting.

  11. Quality unavailable for anyone else?

  12. Philip Saul says:

    What do y'all do with the deck and the discarded cards when you play?

  13. Fresh never frozen huh? I am literally eating one and it came to me frozen in a cooler! 😂

  14. The dog rolling in the dirt on the last tee was my favorite part of the video besides the saga of behind-the-back putts 😂

  15. The dog at 25:02 mark! I met him when I traveled down their to play Independence with a couple friends. We played until dark and he basically sheparded us through the last few holes. Good boy!

  16. Caleb Heigl says:

    the sound of the keys rattling when robbie throws makes me irrationally angry

  17. When hunter says “get lit git” he means get fucked

  18. Sam S-B says:

    Card idea: free jump putt, stroke does not count. Could be a cool idea

  19. Jason B says:

    The easiest way to beat Hunter is to make him throw anything other than hyzer!

  20. Covert_Ops says:

    Why didn't all three have to throw from Trevor's new tee box, but all did pterodactyl?

  21. Anyone else hearing Trevor crack his ankles when he throws sometimes? Yikers.

  22. Eric Lynch says:

    This was ridiculously entertaining and just want I'm looking for in content!

  23. Hunter Kyle says:

    Voting for dog as an honorary bogey bro

  24. iChickadee says:

    Robbie C I have one of your signed disc in my bag, dude is cool shit, I hope someday I can collaborate with y’all

  25. Andrew Akers says:

    What the heck?? You can't cancel your own shot. This is just getting annoying

  26. Andrew Akers says:

    Hunter was still out on shield cancel hole and should've thrown again before Trevor teed. Cheap move

  27. Vapor 9k says:

    Technically Hunter should've thrown first since his lie was out…. Just saying, if ya wanna get all technical with the rules, follow them.

  28. Ok we all know that the dog was the real hero!:):):):)(now make a revengecard with a dog. Something like: Before you throw let the dog chew your disc up):):):)

  29. Breadtoast says:

    Disgusting cheating going on on hole 3 by hunter

  30. WBCSaint says:

    The dog was clearly the best part. When he was splashing in the water trying to catch fish and then rolling around in the dirt by the teebox on the last hole, he was living his best life.

  31. Don't some cards have negative effects if they are in your hand at the end? Easy to sacrifice that card to play another card. Also posting this at the beginning.

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