2023 Masters Cup – Round 2 Part 1 – Blair, Buhr, Barsby, Proctor

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22 Replies to “2023 Masters Cup – Round 2 Part 1 – Blair, Buhr, Barsby, Proctor”

  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Barsby roller ace witness Club is a thing. That's awesome!

  2. Chris Thomas says:

    Ian…. you're the Best… literally said it from the get go! much respect friend!

  3. Ryan Johnson says:

    hole 1 seems like it needs a redesign. make it 100' longer and a par 4 or bring it in 50'

  4. you guys should put time stamps for each hole

  5. cmonpaulie says:

    Barsby at Dela is always a fun watch.

  6. J.A.Z. says:

    Has anyone in history ever birdied 9?

  7. Kyle Weir says:

    10000% foot fault by Barsby on hole 1. Pretty much every one of his "jump" putts.

  8. csamplitude says:

    " He penetrated that mouth significantly. "

  9. 31:17
    Oh my lord… phrasing!🤣

  10. Brian says:

    They totally ruined this course. What a shame.

  11. dustman says:

    I think the words you were looking for are 'invasive species' in relation to the eucalyptus trees.

  12. Man.. hole 8 is so bad now. 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 18.. all ruined.

  13. 26:00 Blair I hope you see this so you dont get called on it during an important round.

    BUT, you seem to jump before you release the disc.

    Good playing though! Glad to see you on coverage

  14. Mike Maas says:

    Par and birdie is irrelevant. It’s about strokes, people. Doesn’t matter if the hole is par 3 or par 6. It’s total throws that win. Folks want to see the blue square(or in this case, green) but it just doesn’t matter.

  15. Great coverage. Hopefully they switch back to the old holes on 1 and 3 (that's as far as I've gotten) because these new holes suck

  16. Professor B says:

    They wanted to use eucalyptus for railroad ties but they split too much

  17. Much love and many blessings G baby! Attack de la!

  18. Love seeing the nor cal boys banging it out!

  19. Calvin Ryan says:

    31:19 How has no one commented about this yet

  20. Man, I miss Ian’s voice 😢

  21. So.. to succeed at DeLa, all you really need to do is to significantly penetrate that mouth 🎉

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