This is Why I NEVER Start with the Club Behind the Golf Ball

I never ever address the address directly behind the golf b all when i hit driver of the TEE! Doing this has allowed me to drive the golf ball MUCH LONGER & STRAIGHTER & create nan easy golf swing for a consistent driver game. Making this adjustment with my drier I NOW find the middle of the cub & increase ball speed.

Making this adjustment with your driver & NEVER starting with the golf club driver head behind the golf ball will help you find the middle at impact enrsurining longer, straighter drives! I know this will sound crazy but i never start with the golf club behind the golf ball when i have the driver in my hand! This way i can increase my club head speed, hit the golf ball much longer and straighter. Its worth knowing that this simple golf swing driver tip will allow you to hit the golf ball longer and straighter no matter age or ability!

This is Why I NEVER Start with the Club Behind the Golf Ball

Alex Elliott is a PGA Golf professional & TOP 50 world coach for golf monthly magazine

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38 Replies to “This is Why I NEVER Start with the Club Behind the Golf Ball”

  1. This is a MUST DO! Iv done it for years! Make sure you do it to now!

  2. Ron J says:

    I really like this video

  3. No Friends. says:

    I actually set up with the ball towards the heel, if I address out the middle I toe it every time.

  4. Aaa Bbb says:

    I see you have modified, since your last video on this, 4 weeks ago, to include my comments on that video – ie set up at the swing LOW POINT (not just an arbitrary distance behind the ball) and ALIGN TOWARDS THE TOE at setup. A bit of credit would have been nice.

  5. Excellently explained Thanks so much for the great advice

  6. Brian Murray says:

    I might miss the ball my miss hit is low and toe side

  7. Mike Barnard says:

    Yep , agree, basic physics. Also if you do address ball hovered with arms fully extended then exhale and drop club down and back onto ground … ball is off toe.
    And… ( while I have your attention) with the clubface 4” ( 100mm) behind the ball a 3deg upward angle of attack is mathematically Tan3degx100 = 5.2mm OR approx 1.5 dimples on a ball… yep 3deg AOA is less than 2 dimples up…. Game of fractions !!!!

  8. Terry Brett says:

    Great video. Do you do this with your irons to or line up out the middle.

  9. Di Trenh says:

    I’m getting excited to try this out on the range tomorrow! Thanks Alex!

  10. Excellent tip, will try lining up out of toe today. Thx.

  11. MrMartwy says:

    Alex, could you clarify one thing?
    I used to be a really decent iron striker, but my driver was very bad.
    I recently got new feeling in driver swing, more "wristy" action, it works quite well – but I feel it is opposite to all I learned about iron swing, leading with the hands, keeping the lag and so on.
    Now my driver is improving fast, but my irons are terrible. Mainly fat shots, or thin.
    I know it is quite common problem that improving driver ruins irons, but is there a way to fix it?

  12. Wow that is a very good tips for driver mate.. i've tried it and i never hit the ball on the heel area anymore, no more pain to the hand because of vibration from heel hit and also i can hit the ball much more consistent with no more of that nightmarish slice.. thanks mate imma locked on to this way of addressing the ball for the driver forever lol 👍👍👍👍👍

  13. TSC says:

    Alex, Want to take on a HUGE challenge? I used to play to an 11 but was hit by a drunk driver and head to have back surgery and my neck is still stiff……. I just don't have the flexibility everyone says I need. Ive been told I can play again but I need help! Thank you Tim

  14. Holmer says:

    Tee height varies based on shot type. And I keep the club a foot or so behind. It's my focus that I adjust. I don't look at the ball, I look at the point I want the club to bottom out. I find I bottom out where I focus when taking practice swings so I learned to use that. I can focus close and he t it low or focus three inches behind and hit it high. I can also help achieve the right path with that focal point by moving it inside or outside the ball.

    As for finding the right portion of the face two tees make a gate that gives instant feedback. My Cobra drivers black face shows an imprint mark still after every swing. I use that during play. I just wipe it clean after every swing and I can count the dimples and see how well I compressed the ball it's so clear. I love that.

  15. Great video all off them are sort straight to the point, the best

  16. Alan Howell says:

    Ball on string is a great analogy and makes perfect sense.

  17. Ken Brown says:

    I've started reaching out a little farther when I line up my driver. that's in addition to the improvements to stance and grip. it gives me a freer swing and reduces the over the top tendency.

  18. Thomas says:

    Your so correct on every point, genius.

  19. Omg 😮. I started with watching your earlier video hitting from the front of the toe which helped me tremendously. After watching this video by adding the 3 inches out is a game changer! I must have added about 20 yards give or take more. Thank u so much Alex n enjoy Portugal 😁

  20. My problem is the opposite to yours, if I miss hit it is more likely to hit of the toe not the heel

  21. belly flop says:

    So easy to understand golf lessons,thanks a bunch

  22. Started lining up my driver like this last year, the only difference is that I start with the head of the driver about 6 inches behind the ball instead of 3. I was shocked at the difference it made. Much more consistent with my driver and 3 wood.

  23. mark scott says:

    Do you line up the ball to the inside of your left foot? Or line up to the line 3” behind the ball?

  24. Ryan Moyer says:

    The stuff with centrifugal force is way overcomplicating it. You should address at the toe because at address your club is on the ground, and when you actually strike it the club won't be. When you raise the club from the address position, it naturally moves outwards.

    Easy way to see this is to set up address with the ball in the middle and your club on the ground. Now raise your arms slightly so the club is at ball height. The club moves outwards, and ball is now aligned to the heel of the club. Repeat it with the ball lined up with the toe, and when you raise your arms slightly to move the club to ball striking height you'll see the ball now aligns perfectly with the center of the club.

  25. Do you address your irons the same way?

  26. Ages Hart says:

    I have to give this a try hopefully if does not rain tomorrow

  27. Yes. Good stuff. Thanks.

  28. NO GOLF ⛳️ CHANNEL is doing the ‘Player Cam Perspective’!!!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙏 Keep doing this in your videos!

    Game changer

  29. Edward Brown says:

    Great tips ..I like the club a little to the toe which will hit center on impack

  30. Jdwack says:

    Sounds easy. I am playing tomorrow and will try it out.

  31. Does this work for irons as well?

  32. ray herbert says:

    Great tip alex so where do u look at the ball or 3 to 4 inches behind the ball

  33. Would this help with irons also?the set up part with the toe lining up with the ball to get a center strike and not a heel strike with irons.

  34. Gary Stride says:

    Yep agree previous comments no BS with Alex, quick concise info take it or leave it, Mr LH from GM (ALex don't shoot me) does this toe set up and lots of others it's total sense, centrifugal force you stretch on your swing😊 and hovering your club is nuts that's why bunker shots so hard cos you can't ground the club, just try hovering your three wood next time your on the fairway and play your shot

  35. I'll try this at the range

  36. The out of bounds posts are out😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. I wasn’t shocked.

  38. Slip Knot says:

    Great tips as always coach!

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