2023 PCS Open | MPO R2F9 | McBeth, Proctor, Heimburg, McMahon | Jomez Disc Golf

Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead cards second round at the 2023 PCS Open.

Card: Paul McBeth, James Proctor, Calvin Heimburg, Eagle McMahon
Course: Øverås Diskgolfpark | Øverås, Norway
BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling & Paul “Uli” Ulibarri

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Front 9 Chapters
00:00 Start
03:00 HOLE 1
07:34 HOLE 2
09:56 HOLE 3
12:50 HOLE 4
15:35 HOLE 5
18:11 HOLE 6
20:46 HOLE 7
25:00 HOLE 8
28:58 HOLE 9

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41 Replies to “2023 PCS Open | MPO R2F9 | McBeth, Proctor, Heimburg, McMahon | Jomez Disc Golf”

  1. Okie Tradez says:

    Proctor is a style of throw one can actually copy.. and one should!

  2. P Alexander says:

    Walden 'glorified puddle'? Nah. "On Golden 'glorified puddle'"? Nope. Sorry Jerm, doesn't work.

  3. Drew Lowell says:

    I rly don’t like the current scores verses the normal scoring system

  4. threehorn1 says:

    Audio is wonky.

  5. If it is smaller than a pond (hole 7) I would call it a pool

  6. 5:00 You see a rare moment of Calvin smiling! 😀

  7. Walka massie says:

    What disc did mcbeth throw on hole 9?

  8. Disc Dfs says:

    It's me or the sport. I love playing DG, but it's become unbearable to watch. Too corporate board room feeling. Like watching MBA's all wearing the same clothes, throwing the same lines.

  9. Bulk Bogan says:

    these disc catcher baskets and DGA mach 7s are the best baskets and everything else is mediocre at best!

  10. Dr. Acula says:

    And the crowd goes mild. Lol

  11. DMB2K12 says:

    Your time has come – PmCb

  12. Dude these guys drank their putting juice this weekend! Haven't seen it on this level from the entire card like this maybe ever? C2 putts for DAYSSSS

  13. jdrains16 says:

    23:43, did Proctors putt hit the tree? I’ve replayed it 4 times now, it looks like it does.

  14. LeftyLugnutz says:

    So impressed with Heimburg's interviews, absolute professional. Mcbeth is as well but you kind of expect him to be. Incredibly polished, love the pre-round interviews and player profiles! Thanks Jomez!

  15. Anyone else feel the MPO audio commentary is much cleaner than the FPO?

  16. Jose Boyer says:

    you know the TD of the Tupelo Bay Open watching the coverage like "damn"

  17. Liquid Farts says:

    These are the type of courses that scream Disc Golf! Not the Ball Golf courses we get stuck watching so often on US Coverage, yawn, boring. Technical courses ftw.

  18. Bob Erickson says:

    Through hole two for lead card, Aaron Gossage is in second place through twelve holes. That is amazingly useful info. Thanks Jomez! I know Paul McBeth and Calvin Heimburg are changing their strategy on hole three due to this information.

  19. lkjsdf1 says:

    Wow. Haven't been this excited for a lead card in a while!

  20. This could be the best card I've ever seen.

  21. what's up with y'all's mic audio?

  22. A-schott says:

    It’s so awesome seeing Eagle and Paul back

  23. dane6117 says:

    Jeebus, Eagles forehand on hole one looks like he used maybe 30% power for a 400ft hole….

  24. The live scoring thing still isn't growing on me… At least they changed the first round score display back to the hole-for-hole method, instead of pretending this is live– yet only showing the shots of 4 players.

    I'd rather be surprised with everyone else's scores at the end of each 9 holes or so and then maybe tell us what the scores is the clubhouse are, towards the end of the final round — like the way they did post-production for 10 years that got them pretty popular…

  25. Hey Paul look up!!! that view is breathtaking. Mind out of your mind.

  26. iIliterati says:

    It's wild how bad the commentary is when Nate isn't there.

  27. Marcus J says:

    PmcB such a dude

  28. 31:30 did the proctologist tell Calvin not to grab his putter?🤣

  29. 19:38 oh man, Paul's back foot is OB lol….

  30. JMRSplatt says:

    I actually like this leaderboard config.. At first I didn't like seeing Gossage after 10 holes, but it kind of makes sense now what you're going for. Good stuff. Just please don't spoil the end of rounds!

  31. rexus72 says:

    I will take a clank over doink everytime.

  32. Xzacto says:

    Imagine ur neighbor having a dgpt event in the yard

  33. Trytec says:

    Why is Jomez the only disc golf channel that doesn't show the entire card's scores. Decision must have been made by Bud Light's marketing team.

  34. Miska Ahola says:

    Amazing that the European coverage is getting bigger. It’s also nice to see the top players💪🤩.

  35. Boycotting any further productions on any channel until the sport is inclusive again.

  36. fredi n says:

    Shitty course, to simpel…

  37. Justin M. says:

    Idk why but I’m addicting to disc golf competition videos 😅

  38. MONKEYBIZ says:

    Valheim Jerm?? It's Valhalla.

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