We Switched Golf Clubs for a Match!

There’s many words you could use to describe this video. The list would include: ugly, hilarious, and ridiculous. The boys are switching clubs for today’s match. It’s a 3 hole head to head battle. So sit back and enjoy 13 minutes of uninterrupted madness…

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21 Replies to “We Switched Golf Clubs for a Match!”

  1. jrorsi says:

    Tough to watch but super funny

  2. ChHook says:

    😳 Anything but this again ⛳️ Even I don’t hit 40 till the 5th hole😂 Great intestinal fortitude to finish this Vlog💪. Still think I hear the TPC calling the Bogey Bois⛳️ All The Best!

  3. Mrchicostick says:

    We need a 18 hole breaking par series

  4. andrew giasi says:

    You know you can move it away from that water that's not a hazard that's lying water

  5. Love you content boys keep on going

  6. Jmastro says:

    Would love to see you guys play against some local subscribers, or just pick up some guys from the range

  7. Taki lover says:

    Day 2 of saying

    Bois>good good

  8. Good shit fellas…and putter from the rough should definitely be a polish wedge

  9. Aidan Surcon says:

    This is a fun one

  10. BrentCorbett says:

    Ohhhhh boy, here we go

  11. 33 Revised says:

    That was an interesting video

  12. Let’s go!! The bois are at it again!

  13. Graham V says:

    Bro that first hit💀

  14. BetterGolf says:

    Jake is better left handed then right handed

  15. SwBaMa says:

    Do the same, but at mini golf

  16. Cameron Knox says:

    I’m glad I can golf both handed😅

  17. SA says:

    Another banger video from the boys

  18. Taylor Meeks says:

    Let’s goo love the vids

  19. T.W. Kruse says:

    Right handed team

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