2023 PGA Championship Preview – The Architecture of Oak Hill East

The 2023 PGA Championship will be held at Oak Hill Country Club’s East Course, a 1924 Donald Ross design. In this video, we discuss the course’s history and design with club historian Fred Beltz and consulting golf architect Andrew Green. In 2020, Green was hired by the club to prepare it for this year’s PGA Championship and restore as much of Ross’s original design as possible.

A big thank you to Andrew Green, Fred Beltz, and Oak Hill Country Club for not only their time but also the historical photos and assets. Specific credit for access to Donald Ross’s sketches, construction photos, and before-and-after imagery goes to Andrew Green. Historical imagery of the original club, clubhouse, and early photographs of the current property came from Oak Hill.

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Produced by Andy Johnson, Garrett Morrison, and Cameron Hurdus

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20 Replies to “2023 PGA Championship Preview – The Architecture of Oak Hill East”

  1. unvrknow22 says:

    Incredible job putting this video together! Loved the insight and cinematography. Really adds to the fan experience to learn some of the history and design details of the course going into the event.

  2. Jeff Boward says:

    Great video, but genuinely curious how no one at the course has noticed that Annika Sorenstam’s name is spelled wrong on her plaque

  3. As soon as I saw Andy wearing golf shoes I turned off the video… Great video!!! This course is going to be so fun to watch next week. Looking forward to more major venue breakdown videos.

  4. Lee Lejnieks says:

    By far the most fun I have ever had carding a 108.

  5. Very cool video!!!

  6. Steve Willow says:

    What Andrew Green does will be a lost skill when a course like Panther National in 75 years will be looking to get that course back to the original Nicklaus/Thomas design which over the years had been lost. Ponds had deviated from the original shape, cart paths had been replaced and widened along the way. And the course conditions had never recovered from Hurricane Jaxon in 2071 which left most of the course underwater for 18 months. But Google maps will make it so easy to see exactly what the course looked like on opening day, the research will consist of typing in the name of the course and then taking a few screenshots. The club historian will be an AI talking tree named Wesley.

  7. Tom Kirby says:

    Pretty surprising at 9:36 that the spelled Sorenstam incorrectly on the tree plaque.

  8. Great production. Got me amped up for next week!

  9. Feel the exact same way Andrew does when it comes to bunkers. Especially when it comes to majors. Bunker shots should be difficult to get a shot close to the pin. Also fairway bunkers should not be easy to make par from. They're called bunkers for a reason. Every week on tour you see guys bailing out or even wanting to hit there shots on par 5s into a bunker. This looks like it won't be easy for the players. Love it

  10. Pulse2AM says:

    Thanks for posting the video! I worked in the Architecture field for decades, this is a nice look at what goes into the work.

  11. Obsessed with Fred. When the music drops when he’s talking?!?!? Unbelievable. Perfect. Zero Fuck’n notes.

  12. Amazing? I hope to have the privilege to play Oak Hill some day.

  13. Peter Allen says:

    Great video, really looking forward to the PGA; and we didn't even have to sit through 10 minutes of BS about the Bears and Browns before we got to the good stuff!!

  14. The best players in the world aren’t allowed to play, so is it even a major?

  15. Part Oakmont, part Bethpage Black part Shinnecock. Love the short grass around the greens and run off areas. The US open is a real treat when players are challenged with something other than just length and rough. Can't wait.

  16. jay hamilton says:

    Always weird when one guy thinks he owns the club, and there's an outsider w no ownership making the calls. When nerve meets God complex.

  17. Evan Pecora says:

    My old man's good friend casually mentioned he can get us on here, crossing my fingers that it becomes a reality. Courses like Oak Hill are why the majors are so awesome. The best tournaments played on some of the more historical and beautiful courses. As golf fans, I wish we were blessed with Oak Hill, Oakmont and many others on a more regular basis.

  18. Great stuff Fried egg crew. Thanks for putting this together

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