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In this video I grabbed 25 random discs from the first 25 Different Companies I could round up in the studio and brought them to the review table to show off. So this is just a quick rapid fire review of 25 Discs you may or may not be familiar with. No companies or discs were included or omitted for any particular reason so don’t read too much into it or take this video too seriously.
Many of these discs have been reviewed previously, or will be reviewed in the future so if you like this video please check out the other content I have on the channel.
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Chapter List:
00:00 Start
00:01 Because I Can
00:21 Elevation Discs Koi
00:33 Westside Discs Harp
00:44 Innova Champion Groove
00:57 MVP Glitch
01:11 Wild Discs Sea Otter
01:20 EV-7 Penrose
01:30 Millennium Draco
01:36 Discraft Soft Magnet
01:48 Jester Discs Love
02:00 Dynamic Discs Emac Truth
02:13 Legacy Discs Phenom
02:28 Loft Discs Xenon
02:43 RPM Discs Piwakawaka
02:56 Gateway Devilhawk
03:10 AGL Baobab
03:18 Prodigy PA3
03:33 Storm Discs Wallcloud
03:44 Discmania Link
04:00 Lone Star Discs Curl
04:15 DGA Steady
04:25 Kastaplast Berg
04:50 Yikun Yi
05:12 Clash Discs Mango
05:25 Latitude 64 Havoc
05:42 NSH Custom Discs Defiant
06:00 We did it!
06:32 Thank You!


9 Replies to “25 Discs from 25 Different Companies – Disc Golf Nerd”

  1. These were just the first 25 I could round up, no discs or companies were included or excluded for any particular reason so don't read too much into it. And don't take this vid too seriously. Cheers!

  2. I want to make a bag of just discs you said "anyone in the world can throw…"! Let this beginner put THAT to the test!!

  3. Great and quick. 😅Any faster and you'll need a holster. Don't forget to play tomorrow on Disc golf Day.

  4. Prodiscus and obsidian disc from Finland. Highly recommend😊

  5. Chris Jensen says:

    Scott turned me on to the Piwakawaka, excellent turn and hold disc!

  6. nitbot says:

    Cool video concept

  7. Raul Cazares says:

    This video should have been either 25 minutes or 25 seconds. Jk! Great vid. Still waiting on your Gobi replacement

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