Is Wyrdeer better than Farigiraf? NEW Smogon Tier changes


I finally found a Wyrdeer set that works! This was a really fun team, I definitely recommend you guys give it a try.

Wyrdeer works well as a Trick Room inducer because it’s relatively slow, plus has Intimidate to help it survive a hit. Combine this with Weakness Policy and you’ve got a great late-game sweeper.


00:00 – Tier Changes
04:00 – Team talkthrough
06:10 – Battles
13:04 – Scarf Bombirdier is great
17:45 – Trolled by Appletun
25:43 – Versus Manual Rain
30:08 – Great breaking by the deer
36:39 – Rabsca is an amazing TR mon
42:54 – Bombirdier goes crazy
46:56 – Triumphant Wyrdeer sweep

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12 Replies to “Is Wyrdeer better than Farigiraf? NEW Smogon Tier changes”

  1. Nothing better than a new pyrotoz video keep up the good work

  2. Did Rain get a new animation for Showdown??

  3. Ark Knights says:

    tyranitar in ru is absolutely insane

  4. Leo Maturino says:

    I love how you have 4 mons with ground coverage but zero ground types

  5. MatiGra32 says:

    Fun video!! Love your laugh! lol

  6. Perladel says:

    Blissey is in NU, so unfortunately Chansey in PU makes sense: they're both very passive (which is terrible against Taunt Oricorio), but at least Blissey has decent sp.atk that can become acceptable with some CMs.

    From PU to ZU, I'm honestly surprised by Golduck: it is very good in rain teams. But now it could have a niche in NU, as we have Floatzel and H-Qwilfish

  7. What's a decent Leafeon set. It's been a while since I've done competitive and I don't I see too many folks use Leafeon, but it's one of my favorite derps.

  8. Perladel says:

    Pyrotoz's SV Stats

    H-Avalugg 1 appearance
    Appletun 1 appearance
    Wyrdeer 1 appearance
    Bombirdier 1 appearance
    Rabsca 3 appearances
    Oricorio-Baile 1 appearance

  9. At 18:35, why didn't parting shot activate the eject pack? Does eject pack only work if the user lowers its stats?

  10. Curly B says:

    It has been so long since I’ve seen a Pyrotoz video pop up on my feed. Feels kinda nostalgic, honestly.

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