284. Is this the end of our full-time RV life?

In this episode, we talk about our decision to transition to part-time RVing — why we’re doing it, and what it will mean for RV Miles. Plus, some of the craziest campground rules you’ve ever heard.

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33 Replies to “284. Is this the end of our full-time RV life?”

  1. Dustup224 says:

    Glad you've finally come to your senses. Get out now.
    Throw that laptop in a dumpster too. It seems to only post negative tripe for likes and shares.

  2. Teri Clanton says:

    Watching Abby's head explode at the outlandish rules of that RV park 😂 I had some strong reactions too. I'd never stay there because they're so rude, unwelcoming, unreasonable and controlling.

  3. Sam Wells says:

    Those campground rules are ridiculous! The closest thing I encountered was an host that got too into enforcing the speed limit. She had this little speed checking device. Apparently she clocked me doings 8 when the limit is 5. My speedometer doesn’t even register less than 10 mph accurately. After I set up I headed back out for my standard Dollar General run. She flags me down at the guard booth and started chastising me like a child. I wished her good day and drove off.

  4. Missy M says:

    Abby! I recently stumbled across a delightful series (8 seasons, daily uploads) on You Tube that you may enjoy bingeing. It’s called ETTC (escape to the country) based in England. City folks wanting to leave the craziness of London and find a home in the English county-side. After learning what the couple is looking for the host takes them to 3 different homes-the last being the mystery house. Not only do they visit quaint and many historic homes, the views of the surrounding rural landscapes is gorgeous. The upgrades to the buildings (many converted barns, churches and old cottages-thatched roofs included ) are amazing. And to fill the hour the host takes the couple to a local small business to learn from the proprietor (apple cider brewing, bread making, etc) and get a feel for the area. You learn a lot of local English history. So relaxing, so lovely, a wonderful escape. For each house the couple guesses the asking price and have the opportunity to make an offer or keep looking. Catch an episode with a nice glass of wine. Jason may enjoy it, too.

  5. ColTexCouple says:

    Sounds like my third grade teacher from the 60s wrote those campground rules (minus the “shart” typo).

  6. Always enjoy listening to you. I live in Southern California in a beach city. Huntington Beach is a big problem here with E bikes, pacifically, young people on E bikes, speeding flipping people off, being a nuisance I believe it’s state is going to start possibly looking into some kind of licensing for E bikes. There is a long multiuse path that goes along Pacific Coast Highway. There’s a lot of problems there and on the downtown streets of my city and sometimes it’s just not the young people on the E bikes that are going to fast. They recently divided part of that pathway one for bikes, in either direction, or the other for pedestrians. It’s just paint on the asphalt but it’s working to some extent. I’m hoping all that are going to fast causing issues in the national parks, state parks, campgrounds, etc. don’t end up being banned ! when I hear about people being attacked by large animals in national parks Ect. I think that anybody entering those areas should have to sign a document saying that they will not approach the wildlife to get a selfie, etc..

  7. Leslee Allen says:

    Ugly campground rules! Very Nazi-esk!
    Regarding your choice for quitting full time RV life: I don’t think you should feel like you have to explain your reasons at all! It’s your life and your choices! Enjoy every adventure of your lives!

  8. I don’t believe these rules!

  9. I cringe when its more than $15 I`ve boondocked in MANY amazing spots all free

  10. RV Lifestyle does this. They are an older couple, but have multiple permanent spots to travel to camp. They hold meet and greets at different places. KYD and LJMJ have home bases, they still travel, but make time for family.

  11. Just George says:

    I think you are working toward a much needed business model. I want to hear more industry content too.

  12. David Allen says:

    I'm really glad y'all are doing what YOU want too. Love you guys and look forward to watching your future adventures. Welcome to the part-time, long haul camping world.

  13. Amy Merrill says:

    Im so excited for you guys! You're transitioning into a different phase of your life and business. We're hoping to transition to full time in 2.5 years time. But I want to do things like your upcoming plans, take things slow and intentional. Really explore an area before moving on. And we'll keep all of our properties, primary and rentals, so we'll always have a home to go to if we want or need to.

  14. Jason- how did you attach the track to the ceiling? Any chance you recorded the project?

  15. sherri weber says:

    Jason I like the way you fixing the IBeX. Putting curtains up grey idea for privacy. I agree too with the ebike situation. Abby I hear you on the gluten-free buns. We did that with smashed potatoes are they real or instant? They would say real but mom knew they instant and she could nit eat instant or she would get sick. You never know what they say is true or not. The cookbook sounds great to cook the food in it. I like to get that east cooking. Thank you so much Jason and Abby! I love you guys! 🤗🥰😘❤️💕❣️

  16. sherri weber says:

    I’m so glad you are still going to do the podcast and the news. I signed up for your news letter so now I’ll get the news there too! I thought you meant you were buying a house and not rving. That’s so good to hear you’ll still travel but not like you are now. I’m very happy that I’ll still get to see you! 😊😀

  17. sherri weber says:

    I know I told I cried in the beginning and this is true and now I’ve laughing so hard I almost fell off my sofa laughing at the tiles of this park. That shart one was the cake topper. I’m having so much fun laughing I can’t stop. Love you guys so much for making me laugh. 😂😂🤣🤣

  18. Joy Rogers says:

    Hubby & i enjoy & appreciate you two and your videos, and i echo what others have said…enjoy your transition 🎉

    I totally hear your frustration re restaurant s adverting a gluten free menu, then having only 1 or 2 options. I have both gluten & dairy allergies. I also am constantly disappointed with food service staff who don't understand that butter, cheese, and sour cream are dairy products, or who put wheat toast, crackers, or croutons on my plate. Finding restaurants & their staff who are educated & knowledgeable about food allergies is cause for celebration! 😁

    All the best to you & your boys!

  19. Connie Waite says:

    So,if you are in a line to check out and you dont make it to the desk before 11,you get charged extra ?

  20. Frank King says:

    Will you share your trips….when you stop ful timing…..

  21. HOWdr1 says:

    On the issue of part time vs full time RVing, we consider ourselves as part time, we go on 5 to 7 trips a year, April to October. We love Rving but there are other things we enjoy and my work requires me to be in town 2 weeks a month.

  22. HOWdr1 says:

    That campground is insane, I have a strict policy, no staying at insane peoples places.

  23. I can understand the speed limit, it’s 5 mph on ours, in the UK and there have been an accident and a child killed. The others sound crazy, not drinking in your own rig if you have a child, never heard anything like that, sounds worse than the gestapo. Who checks for the critters on your fire wood 😂

  24. Even $40 dollars a night seems expensive to me, we stay on a club site that we are members of and it’s £20 per night including the dog and electricity, in late July and August it would go up to £25 to £30 no more, but thats high season prices.

  25. Is this a prison or a campground?

  26. We have encountered some negative responses to the fact that we, mostly, do road trips in rental cars and only RV sometimes…like how can we be Travel Vloggers if we don't RV. While full time RV'ing is a dream that we are working towards in the next few years, we have 2 other people in our household to care for at this time and are about 3 years away from being able to leave the sticks/bricks so we can RV full time. There are different seasons…you guys are heading into your "home base" season soon. We will still love whatever you put out. We will still enjoy learning from you. But mostly, we just want to hang out with you.

  27. Omg I saw this recently I am like this crazy , mine is a hard No WAY

  28. Rick Goodman says:

    That campground can stuff it. I’d go there just break every BS rule they have!

  29. sherri weber says:

    Oh my gosh! I will or nit not ever go to that campground. Can’t drink even with your kids around can’t drive fast I don’t like speeders in parks but 10 miles an hour that’s unreal. Can you give the name of park so my friends and I don’t go to that one? That’s a crazy park to stay at.

  30. Missy M says:

    I am so supportive of your transition out of full time. I’ve noticed other content creators with the 7 year itch to return to sticks and bricks (KYD?) while not totally abandoning RV life. How many episodes can a creator do over the years on emptying the black tank? When children are little it is amazing to experience the road and adventure thru their eyes. But that “experiencing “ evolves and maybe gets more difficult as the kids get older and have their own interests. I am glad Jason will still be offering the park news section. My husband doesn’t understand my enjoyment of RV channels. BUT he does pay attention to Jason’s news updates. All this just to say…you two have produced one of the best RV channels on You Tube. Thank you. I don’t look at you two as quitting, but evolving. Your boys are getting older and in not so many years you will begin the journey towards full time empty nesters. I can tell that you two love, enjoy and support each other, all of which will give you much joy and fun as you “Miles” along. Blessing and peace


  31. Sorry if this was covered in a newsletter or something, but have you ever calculated how many miles you've gone while full-timing?

  32. Joel Hansen says:

    I'm shocked they don't have extreme rules about dogs too. Even normal campgrounds have rules about leashes, picking up poop, excessive barking, etc. You'd think they would have gone crazy about dogs too. I mean what if your dog barks after 10pm? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

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