300 yard Drive = Free shoes #bigkatspoker #bigkatsgolf #golf #drive #footjoy

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13 Replies to “300 yard Drive = Free shoes #bigkatspoker #bigkatsgolf #golf #drive #footjoy”

  1. Metzler923 says:

    Sup BigKats Jeremy!! I could grab them from you at the eagle!

  2. Djdirect says:

    Can I have the Tesla as the consolation prize Jeremy!
    Nice drive!

  3. Nice set up Jeremy!! Size 8.. my boy wears a 14πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. Your swing looks great.. glad your back is better. Hitting what is yours!!

  4. Jeremy is the name!!

  5. Todd E. says:

    Jeremy I ware size 11 too!!

  6. TUPAC says:

    Nice swing buddy, but in golf, Big Cat is Mt. Pleasant Dan Pohl

  7. SuePete says:

    That looks so fun!

  8. Susan W. says:

    Hi Jeremy! I made a comment and it disappeared! My boyfriend wears a size 8! We met you at Golden Nugget a few summers ago with NJSlotGuy! Great golf swing! 310 was a winner.

  9. Susan W. says:

    Hi Jeremy! My boyfriend wears a size 8! But are they a wide EEEE? Good luck with your golf!
    P.S. met you with NJSlotGuy at Golden Nugget a few summers ago!

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