5 Hole Scramble With DRAMATIC GOLFERS | Sabrina Andolpho

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Thank you Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel Florida for having us the course was great! https://www.saddlebrook.com/

Check out this video on Jess’s channel where I am her caddy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7Tzf_nu6ac&t=21s

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47 Replies to “5 Hole Scramble With DRAMATIC GOLFERS | Sabrina Andolpho”

  1. We’re you playing with the DOD queen 3?

  2. Thanks, now i can blame my anger on the German half of me.😅

  3. If we all got all 3 parts of the game working every round we'd all be on tour.

  4. I literally thought that ball was going in at the end.

  5. Wow, that was so fun to watch. Jess is so fun to watch and y’all make for a great pairing! Hope you guys do more together!!

  6. Josh Taylor says:

    Awesome video!!! Anyone else hungry for cake?

  7. Peter Reid says:

    Great videos, keep up the great content it really is fun golf to watch. Are you still doing the 20k subscriber Takomo giveaway. Beautiful irons

  8. To repeat everyone else on here you always have great chemistry with whoever you have on. Random question…what made you go crosshand putter grip?

  9. Fred Hoskey says:

    Great job. Great video

  10. 🦍🏞️🦅🦬Stunting Like My Daddy🦬🦅🏞️🦍
    🦍🏞️🦅🦬 Michael Jackson🦬🦅🏞️🦍Bad💦🥤🍧💖🔥🌊🏝️🧋💝🦬🦅Tiger Woodz Rolling as My Caddy🦅🦬💝🧋🏝️🌊

  11. Ian B says:

    Great video once again

  12. Greg Hart says:

    So much fun as always Sabrina, there’s nothing wrong with par! Hope to see you soon

  13. Love Saddlebrook spent a week out there 20+ years ago and it was well worth it i highly recommend spending some time there

  14. Jess has a nice, smooth swing. If she just learned to consistently watch the ball until impact, she would be a good amateur player. So many amateurs pull their head; and, unfortunately, rarely notice they're doing it. They think it's the swing, but its not. College/pro golfers like Sabrina rarely ever pull their head.

  15. Nothing wrong with par..ever! No drone footage Sabrina? Someone's slacking…just kidding. I always enjoy your videos! 🙌⛳ Have a Great Week!!

  16. Kevin Booth says:

    It's nice to play golf. I think you and her had a good vibe, nice partner today. Sabrina your contact and ball flight is looking good. Good sand bunker shot, "hard sand" open face and swing away, yes. That birdie putt was a really firm putt, nice try. Start Manufacture shots, build it like your own. Jess is so great, I watch Sabrina videos too and I know how to play. Tell Jess, I said for her to make one smooth practice swing then go hit it, she'll get better. It's all about what you think in golf for the better player, and she has a good swing. Mishits are common in golf, but they are from doing what the mind tells the body to do. If you fear a shot that's what you'll get. Have confidence in the shot you are thinking of hitting and that's what you get. Have the attittude, I don't know I'm just going to hit it "the Sab choice" and that's what you get. Make a plan and draw it up, so to speak and stick to it. Less is learned by saying let's hit it and see what happens, it's a nice carefree aproach, but seldom produces better results due to not having a plan to get better, although somedays are better than others in this game of golf. Sabrina your golf game is looking great. Your just not making birdies.

    Work on reading greens and making a birdie, they are called one putts….

    The final analyst of the play today. "Sab" driver strategy is till something you need to work on, your swing is great, just some better strategy is needed.

    Iron play could a little sharper, but I think, if your driver strategy and gets better so will the iron play become so much easier.

    Putting is killing your ability to score, if you didn't improve on anything else, but your putter, you'd be way better even so.

    Combine the three areas, driver straregy, iron sharpness, and reading and making more one putts and you'll soar like the eagle you are…Sabrina the Eagle fighter. Pure and Impenatrable. You have a great swing a great attitude, now work on those things I think you need to work on and you'll get better.

    You surely can take the attitude of I'm tired, I don't want to listen to others and keep playing the wazy you do, but what I see from the outside looking in.
    Is this great and kind warrior. Once your confidence is solid nothing will be hard for you. You'll succeed like you do with your business. Have good day, Kev!

  17. Til Dickson says:


  18. The Traveling Dramatic!!
    Well done team !!
    Good showing ! 👍

  19. Tony Tolle says:

    This was so much fun to watch.❤ Not sure how you don't have more subscribers.

  20. otom otom says:

    Aí simmmm, é bom ver uma brasileira no canal!! 🍻 🥳 Sabrina! Do you have more brazilian friends? Bring them on the channel hahah. When i first saw you playing with Kyle, i thought you were brazilian too kkkkk😅
    Cheers from Brazil 🇧🇷

  21. Viet says:

    The Pro V should be the default if you don't make the target.

  22. Davey Jones says:

    best rear end on youtube golf

  23. Hopefully Jess Gave You a Bag of Her Tee's Cause You Are Always Scrounging For One!!! As Always, Great Video ⛳

  24. GREAT video. Next another's one. good job dear👌🌠💐🎉🌹💕💓❤️‍🩹

  25. Stever99999 says:

    Pants? Seriously?

  26. George says:

    Didn't play today, rained out.
    Instead, watched you come up short again. Rooting for you. Get 'er done.

  27. gene zgoda says:

    fun to watch! too bad about the birdie

  28. Kevin D says:

    More solid golf from Sabrina. Great job tee to green!

  29. S Douglas says:

    Sabrina I think you should send me the box of Pro V1's well…..just because😂😂😂

  30. Nathan Pike says:

    So close,well done,i like watching your videos I'm just starting to play the game and you are teaching me alot.thanks

  31. twesttv says:

    I think that's so cool that she watched your videos and now is part of one.

  32. ChHook says:

    That was Fun, Great Chemistry & Quality Golf. Little more time on the course with your new clubs you Will be breaking 80⛳️ Jess! Sabrina keep Jess around she has a Range Finder & I doubt she’ll lose it😳 All the Best⛳️ Be Well Be Safe & Stay Blessed.

  33. Jess is 100% right — it's one of the best things about golf, it's hard to think of other things (such as life problems) if you're trying to hit the ball well.

  34. Dan Aragon says:

    Love your videos keep them coming

  35. brian sobkiw says:

    that was great jess played great for only 5 years im in that same boat lol but i dont give up haha. you played great again too .how can i get lessons can you come to Canada haha

  36. Thanks for being so feminime a bubbly on the course…..you prove you don't have to act male to play good golf.

    You are so fun to watch, keep it up.

    Nice to see how YouTube gives people like you opportunities to display your personality, communication skills, and ability without having to wait for a large company to find what you already have.

  37. Larry says:

    Fun video, if Jess stays with you Sabrina for a couple of weeks she'll break 80 for sure.

  38. Ron Cook says:

    Jess was fun! Good chemistry.

  39. GoldChump says:

    Deanna as your partner was my favorite team Deanna/Sabrina. I would love to see you two take on the other You Tubers that play golf…

  40. RGREG LEET says:

    Love It Great play!

  41. I was just at saddle Brook 3 weekends ago. Which course did you play? After looking at the second hole I can see it's the saddlebrook course. The same one I played. I've heard the palmer course is a tad bit better

  42. Milton Rodas says:

    “There’s a lot of wind”, clubbing up 25-30+ yards when none of the tree branches are moving at all…Lol 😂

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