Ku Kicks Payin' Resell?!

I been followin’ Sole Revival on their IG for quite some time. I saw something there that I had to get there ASAP to cop these bad boys. Would yall buy used pairs? Was this deal worth it? Let me know!!

Hope you enjoyed the video. As most of you know, this channel is all about finding steals and deals on sneakers and finding the dopest rare sneakers for retail. We def avoid paying them crazy resell prices. I try my best to have a sneaker vlog for yall every morning and have had over 1500 videos in 4 yrs. I definitely appreciate yall supporting the channel and helping this tiny channel grow. Make sure you subscribe and turn them notifications on since I do have so many videos that do release

Make sure you following me on Social Media since I do make sure I post all the latest finds before I leave the shops so yall have a chance at copping the best deals. Yall can message me on the platform below as well:
Instagram – Ku_Kicks

Sole Revival
505 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048


17 Replies to “Ku Kicks Payin' Resell?!”

  1. DylanPo says:

    u looking at that nasty 250$ use shoe because it has 600$ value 🤣

  2. Send them to Vick Almighty he'll bring them bk to brand new condition 4sho!

  3. r3zzy says:

    You changed Ku. The old you would never! 😂😂

  4. The Old Ku would have Bartered/Traded for them 😂

  5. Eric Raquiza says:

    They looked clean for used

  6. Those shoes are great 🎉

  7. Ned Stark says:

    Yo Ku all you need is FZ150

  8. Club 58s go for low to mid 400’s my guy not 5 hundred like you said would’ve better off trading some of those doubles or triples in the collection away for a new pair

  9. Never cop used shoes

  10. Dam they taxed u 23dollas ? That's mo then footlocker

  11. Coffee and kicks with Ku

  12. alec An says:

    Oh my God resell shop charged you taxes too…I copped a lot of shoes from TILT they never charged me taxes.

  13. Man Ku if those 18’s are a size 10 how much would it cost to have you pick those up? A grail of mine

  14. El Gronk says:

    Just make sure and lysol the s**t outta those before you slip those on

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