6 holes | Shooting Par with Jess Negromonte

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The last videos we did a series of 3 holes trying to shoot par and I shot one under. In this video and we are trying to shoot par through 6 holes! I’m super excited for this golf challenge because it will be way more challenging for me and make me a better golfer and hopefully help me break 80 as well! I’m very passionate about the game and I’m so excited for how far I’ve come with golf. I can’t believe it myself. Follow my golf journey. I hope I inspire you and you can inspire me as well!

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0:00 intro
1:25 perfect driver down the middle
2:31 fill your divots
3:43 putting skills
5:00 the perfect par 3 shot
7:20 the almost perfect putt for birdie
10:00 the perfect golf shot over a tree
12:30 No 3 putts
14:30 perfect 7 iron into the green
17:20 dogleg right par 5
20:00 My best wedge shot
22:40 the hardest par 3
25:00 chasing birdies


10 Replies to “6 holes | Shooting Par with Jess Negromonte”

  1. marque2127 says:

    You lay your putter down when getting your line. Are you also marking your ball that way? That would be unique.

  2. D W says:

    Looking good Jess. You have completely progressed into an amazing golfer and your positivity is also so amazing 😊

  3. Great video, keep the awesome content coming!

  4. CVBigTex says:

    Love the 6 hole challenges, the more the better Jess ! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€Ÿ

  5. FarOutGolf says:

    I would love to see you invite Gabby Golf Girl and your friend Sabrina Andolpho for an exciting round of golf! It would most definitely bring more subs and viewers..

  6. Rory Wynter says:

    Jess…short game…short game…short game. You're hitting the ball well. Just that touch around the greens. Get that going and the journey to low scores will be fun!!

  7. No sound on my side. Anyone else?

  8. Anthony Mark says:

    I am watching this video with my 79 year old cousin. We are both enjoying the videos and I am sharing it on my social media platforms. We both enjoyed the video and we felt like we played along with you. You did a great job!

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