EPIC 6-hole Golf Match | JT vs. BMogg

JT and BMogg duke it out in an EPIC 6-hole match to see who can take the crown as the king of match play… and leave the golf course with ALL the bragging rights.

Visit the Performance Golf channel for the full 6-hole match.

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6 Replies to “EPIC 6-hole Golf Match | JT vs. BMogg”

  1. matoor54 says:

    You guys are fun to watch. It would be nice if you mention the courses you both play your matches on.

  2. JB plays says:

    You guys make it look TOO EASY!!
    No, I couldn't beat you guys even on my best day!
    I think I MIGHT be able to hang with you for about 2 holes, if you gave me one mulligan to use from anywhere on the course.
    BMogg, that sandy flop shot that you knocked in for eagle was friggin sweet!!!
    gallery in front of you?

  3. Good game! I like the pace.

  4. Loving the 6-holer! Great match

  5. Jeff Logue says:

    Great game fellas!

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