8 Rangefinders Tested Head-to-Head: Which was best for hunting and shooting?

Leupold RX-2800 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2K9v2WY
Vortex Ranger 1800 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3m7byiU
Nikon Prostaff 1000 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qJK1I2
Sig Sauer Kilo 1200 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2W2DUjW
Sig Sauer Kilo 2400BDX on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qNhy3V

If you’ve done much shooting, you’ve probably been to the counter at the sporting goods store where they keep the rangefinders. And like us, you’ve probably been astounded at the selection. It seems like every name in optics has at least 4 options!

How can you possibly pick the right one? There are known brands with options starting in the mid $100’s and capping out at over $1,000. Is it worth it to buy the expensive one? What do you get for the extra bucks?

Here are links to most of the rangefinders we talk about in this video. One is missing, for a reason…


35 Replies to “8 Rangefinders Tested Head-to-Head: Which was best for hunting and shooting?”

  1. Backfire says:

    We neglected to mention in the video that the Sigs have the BDX ballistics built in. We don’t love working with that system so it isn’t much good to us, but we should have mentioned it because some people love it.

  2. El Duderino says:

    The Leupold 2800 is what I picked. It has to be hazy to not range out to a mile, and I've ranged barns at 3600 yards. It was around $500 and it's so clear it easily doubles as a replacement for a dedicated monocular. The biggest selling point for me between some of the others was the CR123 battery. I have nothing else that uses a CR2, but I always have CR123s for flashlights, weapons lights, etc.

  3. Mike W says:

    I've had a Monarch 3000 Stabilized since 2018. It has never let me down.

  4. No Spam says:

    Thanks for the review! Links clicked 🙂 A little confused though. You talked about the Leopold 1600i, but you only had a link for the Leopold RX-2800 which you didn't even review.

    Only other feed back would be that it would have been nice to see a summary of the descriptions for each model at the end, along with their pro's and cons.

  5. Jerry Berkel says:

    So I just picked up a leupold rx-1600i and am just randomly ranging things in my neighborhood and I cannot get a range back on several things. Has anybody tried the bushnell broadhead or vortex and are they better at getting readings? I thought leupold was the best but now I'm not sure :/
    My intent is to use this for archery….if I can't get a reading on a roof I'm not confident it will give me a reading on 3d targets, animals or paper targets.
    Am I just expecting too much?
    update it seems to work MUCH better in low light and darkness.

  6. G P says:

    I'd say that 2k was an investment worth the investing. 471k views I'm sure it paid itself off multiple, multiple times by now

  7. The sig kilo2200bdx is only 250 at cabelas currently

  8. Agape says:

    How does the Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 lie within the ones you tested above? It's $200 right now (3/31/2023)

  9. I feel everything Vortex is extremely over hyped and over marketed. They give the illusion of value and quality by giving their optics unrealistic MSRP and then immediately marking them down by 40% permanently. In reality, they're a value brand. There's nothing wrong with that though, as there's a place for it. The Nikon stuff is great to know as there are so many budget range finders out there – it's hard to know what's worth trying and what's junk. That Leupold sounds great. I'll probably buy one of the cheaper versions of that model for starters. My cousin has one of the Leupolds as well and is happy with it.

  10. Anil Taneja says:

    Thank you. Bought the Prostaff after this review.

  11. WC says:

    Got much better over the years. This video blows, too much jumping around between the finders. I got absolutely nothing from this vid

  12. 32RIDES says:

    Thanks gents, very useful video, subscribed 🙂

  13. oakland002 says:

    Now that you’ve got to play with the name brand , maybe grab some cheap I mean affordable range finder on Amazon and see how the Amazon stuff hold up .
    I got a $60 one and it works fine for the range that I need it , but have do notice it’s not as crystal clear viewing (a little dark)

  14. BQ Outdoors says:

    The bushnell prime 1800 is amazing a lot better then the Leopold.

  15. I never take a shot over 600 yds. during archery season

  16. Smiley Ionut says:

    Where has this product been all my life?! Works like a charm!

  17. Outdoors 76 says:

    Thanks for the video. It changed my mind from the Ranger to the RX1600 bc of it. I am sure the Ranger will hit 1000 in some terrain but I’ve been pleased with my RX600, so I guess I’ll stick with Leupold.

  18. Nick Mundo says:

    DO ANY OF THESE DO BALLISTIC READINGS? Do you have to download an app? Can anybody recommend a ballistic range finder

  19. Love the quality of your content

  20. Bidensucks says:

    You guys make a cute couple. Congrats!!💕💕

  21. Nikon Monarch 3000 all the way

  22. In army i used vortex 1800. Now will buy Sig Sauer KILO CANYON 6X22MM. What do You think about i't ?

  23. KevinWood44 says:

    This comparison needs to be done again with the Maven and the Leica 2400

    I have the Leupold 1400 and it sucks, the electronics crapped out without EVER having been used outside. I own it and point it out my window, that's all and electronics are now blurry. Useless. So just on that, Leupold is now dead to me, I no longer trust them. And they do not have the warranty that Athlon and Vortex have, so I am stuck with it.

    I WAS going to upgrade from the Leupold 1400 to the 1600 (based on this review) but not anymore and I recommend to anyone else to find a better made product from a more liable company. All my research points to 3 rangefinders…..Leica, Maven or Sig

  24. M Brady says:

    Okay I appreciate this video and the effort and budget that went into it, but I have a note for you. When you pick up a Rangefinder off the table and start talking about it, please identify it by name. You can't expect us to keep track of which one was which. You closed the video by saying "we like this one" Instead of "we like the leupold whateveritwascalled".

  25. Will NEVER buy another Leupold range finder. Trash! And no type of warranty. Told too bad so sad

  26. Earl Miller says:

    Hold on Brodie! ….. I won’t even look at any other range finder than Nikon 4X…. Ok? It is super fast… same size as what you all got and it will range 4000 yrds. I have yet to range anything out of my range… I’ve ranged critters at 1800 yrds… bam! Had the range 1st stab, 2nd stab, 3rd stab… it just ranges anything I wanna range. I won’t even look at any other… git my nephew to buy one… he says the same as me, he’s sold!

  27. R T says:

    I am watching this video 3 years later, so I realize that new models with more features have come out since that time, but this was a very well done video that serves as a GREAT guide for the average and above average hunting in the field.

  28. JT Phan says:

    😂I really hate peoples purchases and made a video done return it back

  29. Dave Lopez says:

    When I read "Tested Head-to-Head" I was expecting to see some testing? Not just hear about it.
    Also, how do they perform in cold weather?

  30. Now do one on range finders from $35- $105

  31. Rick Davis says:

    just bought the leupold 1600 thanks

  32. Big Brain says:

    I like watching videos with the two of you. thanks for a great video.

  33. B Rhoton says:

    Would be awesome to get a updated range finder video!!!

  34. I love my old Sig Kilo 2000. And several of my buddies bought the same unit after trying mine out. Its 7 years old now and the display worked great one week and the next could barely see anything. Tried a new battery even though the meter still said full. And in short it got worse and soon was total black. This was over $500 when I bought it. And the electronics warranty is 5 years. Will I replace it with another SIG probably not. I have a few Vortex Diamondback scopes and they are great the warranty is awesome no hassle. The only scope from them I didn’t like was a $150 Crossfire that was blurry the replacement was blurry. They upgraded me to a more expensive unit at no cost. You spend good money and you should be supported by the maker. If i had abused it I wouldn’t be some course. But its never even been dropped in the dirt.

  35. Z33 Garage says:

    Too bad the RX line has well known issues with their screens fading into nothing conveniently as their warranty expires.

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