The Autoflex shaft is one of the most-hyped shafts in the ball-speed category. Light and very active, with many *Including Mikey* finding it surprising consistent in addition to boosting club head speed.

But has ACCRA Golf come out with a cheaper competitor? ACCRA Golf’s FX 3.0 140 M0 comes in at a much lower price tag, and is making a strong case holding its own.

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Filmed at: Club Champion Toronto
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


43 Replies to “A CHEAPER AUTOFLEX? ACCRA FX 3.0 140 M0 REVIEW”

  1. Swinging it well, Ian!

  2. Boba Defett says:

    M0 is ladys flex in Accra. I surprised the shaft doesn't just spray the ball all over the place swing that fast.

  3. Jeff Taylor says:

    How does the accra compare to the new Mitsubishi vanquish?

  4. Phil Hazel says:

    No Canadian Hidden Technology, (C.Hi.T), maybe it has the Scottish Hidden Technology, lol

  5. A friend of mine has the AutoFlex 505 that I hit really well. Which ACCRA 3.0 compares to that?

  6. GeoffAskew says:

    You guys gotta start comparing accra stuff more often they are super good shafts and there is little to no info out there

  7. yahtzee says:

    I wonder how CC feels about you guys’ love affair with AutoFlex. Nick (CC owner) is on record saying he’ll never carry it in his shops

  8. Julio G says:

    Yeah would like to see Mikey get after it.

  9. Ian’s club head swapped increased going through the different driver setups. Do you happen to know the swing weights on each setup, and is that influential in the increased club head speed? Thank you

  10. and at $60 the graph pro launch blue 45 grams and senior stiffness

  11. PURP __x says:

    noooooooooooo, the rebrand … whyyy?!

  12. Rufuss Thoo says:

    Would love to see how it performs in the hands of a 95-100 mph swinger.

  13. hkp says:

    Would have loved to have a 5min longer Video and also see a comparison of Mikeys numbers (his autoflex vs accra).

  14. Really interesting! 👍

  15. Try the project x LX 60 5.5. Does something very similar to the Accra and is way more stout. Clubspeed is 108-112, this has replaced Ventus for myself and a few others.

  16. Ian Jackson says:

    Try the Fujikura Motore X F3 5 R2 flex next?

  17. kw3 says:

    …txg is no more?🤔

  18. Eric Myers says:

    Throw Brava into the mix

  19. So I game a Ventus TR black 7x. Would love to try this set up to see if it would increase swing and ball speed. About 113-115 with gamer

  20. Skye PRF says:

    Funny to see the ball rolling 25-30 yards… with all the rain we had lately… my ball bounce back 1 feet or 2 instead of rolling… max distance is carry distance!!!

  21. Doug Roberts says:

    You should throw the brava in there as well as comparison

  22. Andrew Baird says:

    Tried Autoflex xxx in a TSR3. Then tried KBS TD60 cat 2 in PXG 0311 gen 6 , same carry distance basically , same overall to 99.7% So 1 and a bit yards for £390 difference.

  23. Mystery Man says:

    Is this shaft available on your txgstore?? I dont see it.

  24. Mystery Man says:

    Kimchi vs maple syrup lol

  25. I have many friends that hit the AutoFlex shaft and I am not sold on the product per say, but after watching Ian hitting the driver today that I want more info.

    I know that beacuse of the lighter shafts the over all swing weight might be close to a D5 of higher. My friends have to make sure that their AutoFlex shaft is a much lower swing weight. So does that hold true for your Accra shaft? Does it need to be a lower swing weight? Also can I counterbalance this shaft to achieve that lower swing weight without damaging the shaft?

    Thank you in advance for any info that you can give me about the shaft and the buildup would be appreciated.

  26. MPHMacD says:

    The thing that should be shouted about is how far apart these shafts are price-wise. In the UK the accra has to be something like 1/4 the price of Autoflex.

  27. Paul Siffre says:

    Quick question what length did you play the Accra ar?

  28. golf007sd2 says:

    Ian's big smile and "I Really like it!" say it all. At this rate Ian, every 3 months or so we are going to need a WITG review 😀

  29. At the end of the day, most players will struggle on the course with those light and whippy setups. Look at Adam Scott and his accuracy issues under tournament conditions. A lot of things might work in the hitting bay, but most setups out of your comfort zone will be bad on the course. As for Autoflex – it’s absolutely similar to an old MRC Bassara GG. If you want an Autoflex, but think the pricetag is silly high, try to find a Bassara GG for much less.

  30. What’s the CPM of both shafts?

  31. So out of curiosity, I have a slow/smoother take back with my driver, I love the flex or whip feeling of a shaft. I currently game a Kai'li Red 60X on a Stealth+, which is ok but still stiffer than I prefer, but would you recommend this shaft for a swing speed between 120-125? Can you feel the head load in your back swing?

  32. badbilly429 says:

    Think we need a video of a auto flex optimized for Ian see what his max potential is with it maybe a 405x even ?

  33. badbilly429 says:

    Pretty crazy video considering the owner of club champion was on the last podcast trashing auto flex and calling it auto scam ??

  34. erock1070 says:

    Would still love to see the project X even Flow CB 40g 4.0 tested in this same manner.

  35. Mike C. says:

    Has me thinking…… My HZDRS Red 6.0 is feeling awfully "plank-y" these days.

  36. Phil R says:

    I have a slow SS (85) and was fit for an AF SF405 (not at TXG). Played it for a year. Found that I had to swing really smooth to get it to perform. Have talked to others with same issue. Switched to Tensei Blue 65 stiff and really like that I can swing as hard as I want.

  37. Maximus says:

    What’s the proper weight and flex on the Accra FX matrix for a typical 6-Stiff type of person?

  38. It would be interesting to see you spend another few minutes adjusting loft and face angle on either the AF or Accra, to take advantage of the higher launch and little bit of a draw shape they both had. I.e. go down 1* of loft, open the face up a tad. Could help with the spin numbers on the AF. I built up my Ping G425 with a Grand Bassara 29R, and immediately gained something like 4* extra launch and 20-30' peak height. It allowed me to drop loft a fair bit to get my spin and peak height back to where I wanted, and got me some extra yards too.

  39. kurt jones says:

    Is this the 100, 200, or 300 series?

  40. D Sloan says:

    Did you guys adjust the swing weights in the softer shafts?

  41. ryan g says:

    I love Accra. I have always gotten fit for them when available. Great stuff. This video deserves a like

  42. rlb says:

    Mikey really should have been the one doing the test since he actually plays the AutoFlex.

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