Golf MythBusters: Take Care of the Course and It Will Take Care of You

22 Replies to “Golf MythBusters: Take Care of the Course and It Will Take Care of You”

  1. Ethan Dexter says:

    Whoa he almost said the C word at the end. 🫢

  2. Daniel Egan says:

    No need to retrieve the sod you chunked out, she dead.

  3. Good one. Thanks for sharing

  4. mini696 says:

    Putting the plug back in the divot is the worst you can do for the course.

    Leave the grass, add the sand.

  5. zach flores says:

    Once you make that divot that grass pitch you chunk out of ground isn’t good to put back that’s why they put sand in carts

  6. badlolfer says:

    You need to use sand for divots if you expect to get love from the golf gods . Just sayin

  7. Daniel 36 says:

    You can be the best maintenance man out there but still a shitty golfer

  8. phil says:

    very irratating when you see a divot
    that some idiot didn't repair..

  9. If I got a 109 it would imply that the course took care of me.

  10. The course took care of him all right 😢

  11. Philip Smith says:

    Should never put the grass back. Roots are severed it’s gonna brown out anyway. That’s why they give you a thing of sand on the cart.

  12. nick yates says:

    Lol like trey would be mad at a 109. Guys atrocious

  13. Barron Hutto says:

    The perfect pitch repair and the extra one near by, always leads to a holing a 12 Footer. 🤙

  14. damn im so bad that i would love to shoot a 109 lol

  15. Stop your whining… #1 golf etiquette clean up after yourself and #2 work on your game… #3 Stop blaming the course 😂

  16. bigb3n011 says:

    I take on much more of an adversarial relationship with the course; it doesn’t work either

  17. Legion says:

    Placing the dead grass on top of the hole doesn't do anything lol

  18. Scot says:

    Don’t replace the divot! Just put sand in it. You’re not helping lol

  19. BabeSlayer says:

    Yeah nothing will ever take care of my horrid golf game

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