All Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Ruin – Explained

All Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Ruin Explained. In this video we take a closer look at each and every animatronic from the story of FNAF Ruin.

FNAF Security Breach:

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38 Replies to “All Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Ruin – Explained”

  1. Ahz says:

    Who designed monty to be waterproof

  2. Goofer. says:

    From Roxy suffering blindness & Forgiving, I Now love her & A Fan of her.

  3. Joshua Wang says:

    There's something so hilariously ominous about the name "The Music Men"

  4. Half-Faust says:

    I love that Candy Cadet turned up again. An obscure character, but he works great here.

  5. For glam rock Bonnie you will notice when you first see him his eyes are glowing but if you destroy the bots around him purple glowing shatter marks will form around his body and his eyes will black out

  6. Ali Hassan says:

    I really feel bad for like everything alive in this game it just is in constant pain but cassie frees some of them…

  7. BritishMan says:

    Note: if you disable all of the Wet floor signs around and in Bonnie bowel the final 1 will open a hatch/door and it will shows Bonnie’s dead body… and sometimes his voice…..

  8. Digi-Rex says:

    Something to take notice on Ruined Glamrock Freddy is that his hands have no remnants of their casing. This plus the prototype stamp may suggest this was a spare Freddy.
    Vanessa did mention in the first game that Parts & Services would slap Freddy's casing onto a new endo. Maybe she wasn't talking about the casing Glamrock Freddy was using at that time but instead a spare prototype casing. Parts & Services may have even intended to transfer Glamrock Freddy's head onto it after, that would explain why there's no head was on Ruin Glamrock Freddy. Well, other than Gregory taking it that is.

  9. 11:04
    I probably shouldn’t have asked that Roxy somehow got to the ruin pizzeria but I think it’s random or something

  10. M f k says:

    Hi super horror bro I love your videos and continent. Keep up the great work.

  11. Bro i swear if their isnt a sequel

  12. john says:

    i think burntrap is mimic or mimic is burntrap since they have similar body type and they have the same hands if you look carefully youll see it

  13. beluga says:

    Who even thought adding chica was a good idea is dumb

  14. beluga says:

    Do you think history will repeat and someone comes to save casie and gregory and they were friends with chica so repairs her and they set off to save them,get stuck and someone whos friends with monty comes to save all 3 of them. My theory on how monty may have survived is maybe as he is a robot,the electrocution actualy gave him to much power so he shut himself down so he wouldnt die then his friend finds him, and turns him back on

  15. Claireity says:

    something I don't think we saw in the original security breach but at 7:39 we can see that one freddies foot it says PROTOTYPE. Now I wonder why they would have included that?

  16. A Person says:

    Idk why but hearing eclipse saying this makes me a bit sad
    “I need to clean up before we open in the morning!”
    “Oh this place will be flooded with kids!”
    Knowing that the pizzaplex is destroyed..

  17. No, that is not the Freddy that travelled with Gregory

  18. PichPlayz says:

    You’ll get it some day my guy.

  19. Top_Clipz says:

    I havent played the dlc yet but as soon as i saw the endos and he said that they returned my first thought was “not these fuckers again” 😂😂😂😂

    Edit: i watched the video all the way through and wanted to give a theory about the blob if anyone cares. My theory is that the burntrap ending is actually cannon but it the blob survived the explosion. Give evidence to probe me right or wrong it doesnt matter to me

  20. Dniun Sieer says:

    aware of the safety rules to quickly take Cassie out of the daycare so she wouldn't be harmed in the mess.

  21. Olmerfire says:


  22. Just realised the bonnie talking was fake its just the clip of good eclipse talking😂😂😂

  23. i remmber the endos can be stopped if you turn around

  24. "The origins of the mimic are unknown"

    And the books what? ._.

  25. epic noah says:

    He's from a secret ending

  26. It’s funny how Roxanne wolf has the most emotion, because Monty is just an aggressive dog, basically and chica is just a robot with a code always repeating the same lines I smell pizza your parents are looking for you, etc.

  27. So the whole “Foxy is friendly” theory turned out to be true in the end.

  28. Erynne Funk says:

    That's actually a prototype freddy

  29. Freddie escaped with Gregory that is a different freddy

  30. Tuuli Vunk says:

    they turned monty into a dog

  31. BeFrLion says:

    I find it rlly cool how cassie had a bond with roxy and got a roxy talkie and gregory had a bond with freddy and the mimic chose a freddy talkie the mimic did its job perfectly and i think it just gives the mimic a more bone chilling persona good job to steel wool for that and the voice saying cassie is the mimic as if u turn off all sounds and just leave their fighting audio on u can hear the mimic rip out roxys voice box and sample through the voices before jumping down the hole and chasing cassie honestly one of the best fnaf lore twist and turns that these games had!!

  32. MCKidCash says:

    props for MXES, he was just tryna do his job but cassie straight up ruined it

  33. Ur local Gay says:

    I'm I the only one who wants a little music man?

  34. Sailor Darty says:

    I feel like Eclipse isn't so much the original Sun form, but a harmonized combination of the two. He politely, but firmly removes Cassie from the Daycare ruins due to a general concern for her safety. Sun was an eccentric who wanted to play all day while Moon was more of a secuity guard for night-time.

  35. I dont know for sure if the present in Freddy's mouth indicates this isn't glamrock Freddy but I could've sworn that he never restocked the present in the chest cavity then again I cant argue the compelling evidence of him being headless

  36. Noob says:

    I hope this helps me figure out if William afton is the black rabbit or the mimic

  37. What I thought that I blocked you

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