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48 Replies to “Among Us Meets Golf | Good Good”

  1. webtr says:

    High vis drip

  2. 100% the best video format to introduce new members to the team, and a GREAT job by the editing crew to keep the hints subtle but apparent

  3. jens bergman says:

    Should just vote Steve off to make it easier to smoke out the impostor 😂


  5. MacTNhunting says:

    Need more of these imposter videos

  6. wish it didn’t say who the imposter was so people could guess

  7. Seth Young says:

    Next time you guys go to your UK, you should play with Rick!

  8. This course is so rancid 😂

  9. Brilliant from AJ 😂

  10. John Miller says:

    The boys: that’s sus bro… idk about this guy
    Bubbie: I made the best waffle today. It was perfect! 😊
    Bubbie is a gem 😂

  11. philiphan123 says:

    Steve gotta hit that treadmill

  12. Dennis Prior says:

    HAHAHAHA pure gold!

  13. Ok guys love the new layout with the minion!! 2 suggestions!! 1. Once the imposter gets out, the minion is automatically the new imposter! 2. Don’t tell who the minion is when they get out, just say it’s not the imposter

  14. Ceptify says:

    Favourite good good format

  15. Nanners says:

    Love this challenge! I just wish we had one hole per player, and rotated the order, so that each person went first once. I think that would make it more balanced and allow y'all to see a better picture of who is impostor.

  16. freshboy7777 says:

    Think they should have considered voting out Steve even if he wasn’t the imposter… still would’ve helped the score…

  17. You guys have to do this again!

  18. Chris I says:

    I love this format! But should switch the order up every hole!

  19. LS Vids says:

    I haven’t watched much good good lately, been too corporate. I’m glad to see this come back. It’s what made them special

  20. Detour says:

    Its hilarious seeing steve play the way he did in the money match and then see him play in this one lol

  21. Zaya says:

    In the future you shouldn’t tell us who the imposter is so we have to figure it out too

  22. kiefer court says:

    Should do 2 imposters for 8 people

  23. BamaShanks says:

    I think it should be second worst shot. Too easy to play normal and rely on someone else to hit a bad shot.

  24. Everyone seems to pick up their game and try bring their best for Good Good content… Except Steve.. You can only be the class clown for so long until people get sick of you. Don't you feel guilty for being such a garbage player over and over and over again? You are apart of one of the biggest golf content movements and you don't seem to ever bring your a game or practice…

  25. Next time put the imposter in the description or a comment that way audience can decide if they want to guess along or know. AJ was way too quiet in real among us that would have been way too sus.

  26. Power Path says:

    Hole number, shot count, club, distance?

  27. dbone024 says:

    I think Bubbles is the imposter. Thumbs up if you agree too!

  28. Imagine a group full of Steve’s doing this

  29. more imposter videos!

  30. You guys should do the tee flip challenge + random club challenge!!!! That would be fire!!!

  31. Hey guys! Ive just stumbled across your channel and have been watching a ton of videos. Great content and very enjoyable! Something I'd like to see is you guys have a cameraman challenge , see how those guys do! And if you come out to southern Idaho, drop a line, there are some great courses here.

  32. Steve going first messed the whole thing up.

  33. Beat Dudeperfects golf records

  34. Joseph Davis says:

    Please make more of these

  35. Kyle Davis says:

    This video is great!

  36. Devin says:



  37. Content wise- you gotta keep Steve in.
    Winning the game wise- gotta vote Steve out first to make figuring out the imposter a little easier.

  38. Robert Ely says:

    Gotta add a way the imposter takes out a crewmate during the game

  39. It took me a minute to understand the rules, after figuring it out I think it’s a fun game

  40. Daniel Lis says:

    I would love to see either 2 imposters or the 1 imposter and 1 minion but no conversations until after the hole and emergency meeting commences. And voted out golfers have a “task” or “trick shot” like going to a par 3 to attempt a hole in one or attempt a hole out from a long distance. If they complete the trick shot the crew mates will win

  41. Ben Heath says:

    Aj played this well. Steve did help him out but its a lot harder going early in the order. Previously when you’ve done this I’ve massively questioned the strategies of others. With worse ball the odds are in your favour, just play well and mess up late. Even when Aj went long on the last, I questioned that but don’t think he meant to go that long.

  42. next time y’all do this video y’all should have the person who goes first then go last on the next hole and so forth so it doesn’t screw over the crew mates

  43. Brennan lol says:

    When will you post the Butterfield Country Club video? ❤

  44. Justin Unger says:

    Why is Steven even a part of this group? Serious question since he rarely ever makes par.

  45. You should do this and not watch each others shots off the drive

  46. Kevin says:

    This should be a weekly challenge

  47. Philysentit says:

    Should add crew mate tasks (like -1 stroke if you make the team hit out of a bunker) but you can’t tell the others what your task is. Add to the chaos

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