Rory McIlroy Final Round Winning Highlights | 2023 Genesis Scottish Open

Rory McIlroy produced a brilliant birdie-birdie finish to break home hearts and seal his second consecutive Rolex Series title at the Genesis Scottish Open.


The DP World Tour and PGA TOUR host the world’s best for a second year at The Renaissance Club for the Genesis Scottish Open. The Field is full of golf’s elite with Jon Rahm the only one in the top-10 choosing to miss this week before the year’s final major. World No.1 Scottie Scheffler will be teeing it up in Scotland this week. He’ll feel immensely confident coming into this one after claiming successes at the Phoenix Open in February and The PLAYERS Championship in March. Tied 12th on debut here in 2021 and finishing in the top-10 in the first three majors of the year, he’ll almost certainly be amongst it come Sunday. Rory McIlroy returns for his eighth appearance at Scotland’s national open. Since finishing in a tie for seventh at the US PGA Championship in May, he’s made the top-10 in his subsequent four starts, including finishing runner-up at last month’s U.S. Open. Xander Schauffele returns to defend his Genesis Scottish Open title. He’ll feel optimistic of his chances this week after hitting a bogey-free 62 to equal the lowest round at a Major at last months US Open. He’s also claimed top-20 finishes in each of his last nine starts. Viktor Hovland, Max Homa, Jordan Spieth and Tommy Fleetwood will all be shooting for top spot in Scotland.

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32 Replies to “Rory McIlroy Final Round Winning Highlights | 2023 Genesis Scottish Open”

  1. Dniuy Jei says:

    As good as it will ever get down the stretch. One in a million golf player. Love to see Rory at this level going up to the British Open

  2. Unice Nedy says:

    As good as it will ever get down the stretch. One in a million golf player. Love to see Rory at this level going up to the British Open

  3. jason kelly says:

    Was that fence from up and down golf at the 5.20 mark 😊

  4. M Duca says:

    Rory saying his confidence needed a boost is so demoralizing as a golfing mortal. If he needs a boost what the heck do we all need?

  5. He won me a 150 quid. I felt bad for Robert MacIntyre but he won just under a million dollars (what’s that? About 800 grand?) not bad for walking round a beautiful part of Scotland for a few days.

  6. Guy is a *ick with ears

  7. AWP76 says:

    How disappointing for all the Rory haters! The guy is a class act and always has been ⛳🏌️💪🏼


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  10. P D says:

    Rimjob Rory eats balls

  11. Tariq Iqbal says:

    Only, Only and Only Jesus Christ is the Saviour of humanity. Peace , Hope and Love. The way truth and life. Jesus Christ loves you all . God bless you all

  12. Does the last place golfer get kidnapped and dissected with bone saw at the local saudi consulate? Sellouts.

  13. The 2nd shot on 18 was so clutch…

  14. Jon Burrows says:

    Rory with the cashmere sweater, birdieing 17 and 18 to win brought back memories of Arnold Palmer.

  15. Mike Hudson says:

    No global warming in Scotland- LOL. Middle of July and dressed like January.

  16. richiem11 says:

    Fairplay that was windy, that putt on thirteen an the next shot.. wow.

  17. Steve Taylor says:

    Was sat in the 18th grandstand watching the last 10 or so groups play 18. It was such a difficult hole in those conditions, 30th wind gusts directly into the players faces, saw so many 5’s or 6’s on that hole as players 2nd shorts landed short or to the side of the green , so for Rory to hit that 2nd shot under that pressure was mind blowing, one of the best shots I’ve ever seen.

  18. Mike Smith says:

    That'll help make up for the $600 million he didn't take from LIV.

  19. That’s got to be top ten for last hole approach shots to win a significant championship. That really was an amazing shot. Well done mate.

  20. whity says:

    What happened to tyrell hatton? 😮 Did he get angry? 😅

  21. DJ Kulot says:

    Rory is getting THICK….

  22. Ice sizzle says:

    Iona could interview me anytime fr

  23. How funny that the club he needed for the final shot was a 3 iron he had pulled out of the bag for the week. It's impressive that on the final hole of a championship he felt confident enough to knock some yardage off a (edit: 2 iron) by hitting a cut into the wind.

  24. Digger Lenny says:

    When you hear Rory say 'probably the best shot i hit this year' i guess thats a special approach and set up the win. Fair play to him. I feel sorry for Bob after his incredible finish too but the good thing is i know he wont feel sorry himself. He played class and im sure he'll be up there at the open aswel. What a tounament!

  25. Jeff Taylor says:

    He had a rough start. Way to bounce back Rory!

  26. That’s got to be top ten for last hole approach shots to win a significant championship. That really was an amazing shot. Well done mate.

  27. Jolly Roger says:

    That was an epic ending! The beautiful coast, the wind, the scot mounting a challenge made it one of most entertaining Sundays this year.

    Shows you the need for a strong European Tour. Except for the world no.1, all at the top are people who began their career playing in the European Tour… critical for future Ryder Cups.

  28. Sotongh says:

    what an amazing finish.. it's stuff like this that makes a golfer a hero to the fans.. well done, Rory..

  29. McIntyre and McIlroy have just played the best 2 second shots in history,considering the strength of that wind in their face!

  30. Sconzer B says:

    Great highlights.

  31. Paul Fox says:

    Get in there Rory. Guess some others might be LIVid! That final 2-iron should get a place in the Sports Hall of Fame. 🏌‍♀

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