Angry Mortgage Insider Special Edition With Veronica Love | AM 19

Angry Mortgage Podcast Special Edition | AM 19. Host Ron Butler sits down with Veronica Love and talk important topics in today’s mortgage industry.

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13 Replies to “Angry Mortgage Insider Special Edition With Veronica Love | AM 19”

  1. I don’t have to think of a business like that. I’m in construction.

  2. The impact of inflation on people's cost of living is more significant than a crashing stock or housing market, as it directly affects them immediately. It's no surprise that negative market sentiment is widespread at present. In this economy, we genuinely need assistance to navigate and survive these challenging circumstances.

  3. The issue with line 1500 income is that it includes ALL taxable income. If I made 200k on crypto currency and decided to sell it and pay taxes on it. This will also be on line 1500.

  4. scarface416 says:

    Ron is no bull shit … we need that kind of talk. No fluff.. tell it like it is and not fkkkk political correct… THank YOU

  5. bruise says:

    Money is not meant to control people, rather it is meant to be put to work producing more money for you. You cannot build wealth without putting money in its rightful place.

  6. Great episode. In my 4th year as an agent and its always tempting to know if another brokerage is better than the one you’re with. I’m thankful everyday for the team I’m with but it doesn’t hurt to investigate those who may want to recruit you. In the end, status with lenders, integrity, experience, knowledge, and assistance – sometimes all at once is what makes a great brokerage great.

  7. consumers write to your local MP to help end income documentation fraud for mortgages lmao 😂.. thats laughable at best

  8. Dean Toronto says:

    Let's get Trudeau and Singh use the government's credit card to buy every bleeding heart Liberal 4000 sq ft house in the burbs without a mortgage payment. Freeland is the hero. 😮

  9. Veronica, you are mad that all Mortgage Agents and Brokers are not membersof MPC. This is on you, MPC will not allow me or other individual brokers or agents to join MPC, So I dont understand what you are upset about.

  10. I’ve gotta compliment Veronica. She looks so much like Jennifer Lawrence, and with the great looks, she’s so very smart. Great guest, Ron! (I love how you explain everything in deep details for the listeners. Please keep up the great work)

  11. AwakendGainz says:

    Love your podcast, as an insurance broker in Ontario it’s great to see the broker side of the mortgage buisness. It was also funny when you said insurance broker lol

  12. Preeti sehar says:

    😂 hilarious introduction ❤

  13. Jeff O'Toole says:

    So what is the solution here Ron? We re finance all these people that really can’t afford the house they are sitting in? Listen as soon as we figure out a way to get the appropriate people owning the houses that truly can be afforded the better. We used to have absolute air tight lending standards that weeded out the marginal borrowers. I think we all know who the marginal borrowers are. Air India and Air Pakistan are bringing them in plane load at a time. This marginal lending and “social justice” lending has to stop.

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