Golf broadcast? Check. Against all odds, including our own expectations, we pulled off producing a full Korn Ferry Tour broadcast. We’re joined by Francis Ellis and champion Trace Crowe to debrief over the dramatic finish, the funny moments, and the completely new experience of the crew doing television.

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Trace Crowe Joins – 26:21 – 33:10



  1. This podcast should do some content with JR Smith, could be interesting since he’s a golfer now

  2. Not saying he needs to join, but love love love Francis. More of him plz

  3. dean says:

    Francis needs to be on the show

  4. Jeremy Lowe says:

    Rappaport always looks sweaty.

  5. I get the business side of it but the amount of ads in the second half of this is wild

  6. Zilverfire says:

    Trent casually dropping "ombudsman" might be more shocking then when he eventually breaks 80.

  7. Jrenegade1 says:

    This was a fore play podcast with better golf. Loved it

  8. Shout out Jake Marsh

  9. Paul Weitzel says:

    As you grow…remember to thank the fans! Cheers

  10. CAVEMAN says:

    Make Kornferry broadcast available in Australia next time. All the clips seemed great

  11. It'd be cool if you guys could get a couple featured matches of your own involving some of the players involved in that week's Fore the Cut.

  12. Does Dan actually know what size clothes fit him? Convinced he doesn’t.

  13. Skylar Ku says:

    Broadcast was amazing. Didn’t hear “this from a moment ago” 😂. The future is foreplay 🫡

  14. Anonymous says:

    Two on the left are twins? Brothers?

  15. Brandarh says:


  16. James L says:

    Ads: the podcast

  17. Tom says:

    We as Barstool fans love to criticize (likely because it's part of the brand and a lot of Barstool employees also criticize and stir the pot.)
    But this Korn Ferry broadcast was immaculate. Everyone was hilarious and the coverage of the golf was great.
    Only thing I disliked was Jake Marsh yelling and saying how many shots back the golfer was every single shot. Luckily Kirk was there to yell at him.

  18. That was the most entertaining golf broadcast I’ve watched. Great job all the way around! We need barstool covering more golf events!!!
    Best part was the Francis/Norman saga and Frankie and Trent thinking they made someone back off their tee shot 😂

  19. Mega7upYours says:


  20. Matt H says:

    Sucked it wasn't aval in 🇨🇦 but clips where awesome great job boys!

  21. J C says:

    We’ll bleep that 😂😂😂

  22. Francis needs to be around more!!

  23. Kudos fellas !! Great job.

  24. R2476 says:

    Why does Riggs talk like that

  25. Joe Stuck says:

    Did anyone actually watch the coverage? I just don’t care about the KFT at all

  26. kevin denny says:

    Soaking and Sasquatch – 100% real

  27. This worked out great. You guys killed it. Francis was hilarious, glad to be introduced to him. Riggs is correct, having the epiphany to not be like a crappier version of a normal broadcast but lean into the silliness is what made it fun and unique. It was a good mix of being serious about covering the golf and being unserious with barstool antics

  28. 15 minutes in and no Jake love.. come on boys. That man kept it together.

  29. luke says:

    francis full time. he’s one of the funniest people at the company.

  30. Noah512 says:


  31. casualsports says:

    One takeaway from the pod…… only serial killers choose to drink a beer that cloudy

  32. Murray19 says:

    Ryan whitney in the booth instead of kirk would be so much better

  33. Really enjoyed the coverage, boys. Can’t believe I had KFT on the main tv and the 3M on the side tv

  34. CersFan21 says:

    Each one of you guys provides something unique to the podcast. Francis would be a good addition, but I think it would be too much if he joined full time. Bring on Kirk, Francis, and Lurch more often, but the core is solid.

    Riggs is the legs. He's a good host that keeps the show moving.
    Rapp is the head. He has expert insight of the game and journalism.
    Frankie is the heart. He's got the emotions and the entertaining blood pumping takes.
    Trent is the soul. He's everything. He's the people's favorite and the guy you're always rooting for.

  35. No offense to top executives. If those KFT players didn’t want shine they are in wrong sport and wrong state of mind. The pressure should elevate the player.

  36. Bart Garrett says:

    You guys could really kick these podcasts up , if you leave Riggs out of it ! I can't listen to him for more than 30 seconds 🤷🏼😂

  37. Francis deserves a spot on the pod now.

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