Australia’s Best Off Grid Off Road Caravan? Zone RV Sojourn 12 Month Review

12 month review of our Zone RV Sojourn Family Off Road Caravan! It’s no secret we have loved Zone RV caravans since before we hit the road 4 years ago. Calling a Zone RV home was our ultimate dream and we can’t believe it has already been 12 months of living and working full time in this epic set up!

This episode we’re sharing our honest review of the Zone RV Sojourn Family Off Road Caravan including everything we love, all the things we were originally unsure about and where they sit now after 12 months of travel, plus all the features we would change.

We’ll walk and talk you through the external features of the van including the draw bar and Cruisemaster DO35 hitch, black jack, electric awning and step, water tanks, solar panels and lithium battery set up, ATX suspension, and brakes. Then we’ll take you inside to discuss how the living space, storage and interior design holds up to the realities of full time travel.

Plus, we’re sharing details of a fantastic new music festival campout called VAN JAM coming up in September 2023, and how you can come along and share a campsite with us in the Feel Good Zone!

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Australia’s Best Off Grid Off Road Caravan? Zone RV Sojourn 12 Month Review
Off Grid Australia Series
Season 7
Episode 194

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We live by the mantra “You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step!”

00:00 Introduction
00:18 VanJam Announcement
02:32 Zone RV 12 Month Review
03:46 Black Jack Trailer Jack Cover
04:21 DO35 Hitch
05:44 Redfoot Levelling Big Block
06:48 Proquip 20 Litre Jerry Can
07:11 Maxtrax MKII
07:23 Red Arc Solar Panels – Power Management System
09:20 Starlink
10:15 Three 80 Litre Poly Tanks
11:15 Electric Awning & Electric Steps
12:49 Zone Van Outdoor Kitchen
14:47 The Back Of The Van Is Perfect For Outback Cinema Night
15:42 ATX Suspension
16:23 Airbag Man Auto Leveling
18:11 BBQ Slide With Non Slip Mat
18:37 Bug Light & Exterior + Interior Lighting
19:28 Gas Cooking VS Induction
20:22 Fusion Stereo System
20:57 Red Vision Control Centre
22:11 Sirocco Fans
23:35 Jump On & Listen To Our Podcast
24:37 Foot Lockers
27:02 Induction Cooking
28:02 Inside Lights
31:04 Bedside Nooks
32:20 Bunk Bed Curtain
35:42 Upcoming Travel Plans


28 Replies to “Australia’s Best Off Grid Off Road Caravan? Zone RV Sojourn 12 Month Review”

  1. Hey guys, here's some more info and links to some of the other great products we talk about in the video, that we love and use for our travels (but are not affiliated with) – 😀

  2. Just wondering what gvm upgrade have you got on your 79 love your videos

  3. 1 year already, must be time to trade in "AGAIN"🤣

  4. We have ordered our 19 ft summit yesterday. Can’t wait until end of January delivery. In the meantime we are enjoying your videos 😊👍

  5. Katie you are such a gem. Thank you guys for your vid. I do love your Zone very envious it would be my dream to own one but i am just as happy with ours as it allows us to get out there and making memories. Just a side mark i am seeing a lot more HipCamp sites now getting up in value which is a bit disappointing – just my observation

  6. Love these informative vlogs just as much as your weekly videos! about to indulge in your podcasts . Thankyou for all the wonderful tips and insight you offer along with the feelgood vibes😍☺Stay safe and keep on loving one and other !

  7. Allan Barton says:

    With a gas less van how do you heat water for showers etc. wouldn’t electrical hot water use a lot of your power ?

  8. Bel Barnett says:

    How do you like the composting toilet and bathroom sizing?

  9. I love the van, it's absolutley fantastic but way out of my price range. They are so innovative these guys and deserve good support, so thanks for doing your part.

  10. Tracy Hunter says:

    Great content once again. Watching all the equipment that you run off the grid baffles me, and would like to know how you do it. I own a Austrack Gibb 16 caravan with a Redarc Manager 30 (2kw Sinewave), 3 x 100ah Lithium Batteries, 4 x 100w roof mounted solar panels. I am a full-time bookkeeper on the road, so the laptop, extra monitor and Starlink have to run 6-10 hours per day, especially through payroll Mon-Thursday. I have two fridges, the one inside the van is a 150L Thetford Fridge/Freezer, and the one outside the van is an 80LArctic Fridge/Freeze, and a CPAP machine at night. Other than that there are no appliances (even TV) or anything else, as I am on Gas. Would really love to be off the grid more but only get roughly 48 hours before everything goes "kapoot". Any thoughts?

  11. Sean Dolkens says:

    Thank you for this video. Another great evening spent watching. 🙏

  12. We have a zone base, highly recommended.
    Just finished our trip of 9000kms from Toowoomba to…Broken Hill, Adelaide, Yularu, kings Canyon,mereenie loop,West,East Mcdonald Ranges,Alice Springs, across Plenty to Boulia, Bedourie, Windorah, Roma and home Toowoomba.
    No Dust in van,what a blessing, a few loose screws in cupboards , no further issues as we cruised the dirt, corrugations of the outback.
    We spent $4000 in diesel, V8 200 series landcruiser wagon.😊😊
    Happy Campers😊
    This van is worth every cent we spent.

  13. C Beuck says:

    Great vlog – lots of tips/ tricks/ how to ect. ❤ Have sent to son….stay safe – happy travels Jan Adelaide

  14. Karen Clare says:

    You never talked about the washing machine, water and power usage. Otherwise glad you still like your zone, can’t wait for new videos and travels

  15. Good Afternoon 😊Fantastic Video Legends 👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks for the reviews and keeping it real 💯 Awesome Tips 👍🏼 Thanks once again Mates 😊
    Greetings from South Africa 🇿🇦

  16. Thank you so much for this vlog. The van we are going to get has two has and an electric hobs. I am going to be asking if we can have 3 induction cook tops instead. Not a fan of gas or electric cook tops.

  17. Wayde W says:

    Great video, looking forward to our new van, very much enjoying your channel.

  18. Bird Man says:

    Any manufacturer that can't do electrical not induction would not get my business as induction is bad if you have a pacemaker because induction creates a magnetic field bad for pacemakers

  19. Love you videos, you keep it real. Best bit was drone footage of whale and when Sue got inked😂

  20. Jay Fo says:

    Thank you for the follow up review ❤
    When will you be spending a week in the new Expedition and reviewing that? 😁
    How close do you roll towards your weight limits?
    And one more query if I may? Jasper seems to be very comfortable socially. Has the change to more offgrid camping impacted his social networking?
    And one more one more question 😜
    There seems to be a lot of “parent time” being hinted at in the videos for a while. Are you working on a second little one?

  21. Trevor Gill says:

    Hi love your channel? looking to swap our yacht for a LC and Zone one day, keep up the excellent work. Hopefully I have attached a photo of Fiona's Spanish mac?

  22. Jason Kent says:

    Drop bear pockets

  23. Jono Paynter says:

    Hi from New Zealand. Another great informative show, I have seen in a caravan a dishwasher that uses 7 L water per load. Could you soon about the 4 years traveling anniversary show us over the 4 years of travel a map of where you have been and Kms traveled. Also a modest all expenses budget of a 35000 km traveling in a year show around Australia. These shows that I am subjecting would be great for your viewers to see, The rugby was good. Keep the happy trails going. Thanks Jono P

  24. Lisa McCrae says:

    Wondering how you like your washing machine and how much water does it use? Thanks.

  25. Guys, fantastic idea to move the overhead strip lights to the floor along with a soft hew, you could also have them as sensor movement triggered along with a safe. Would be excellent to have these 2 features added when l order my ZONE for next year delivery, I’ll definitely be asking ZONE to incorporate Thanks Ashley

  26. Jack Senna says:

    Great review guys – wondering if the water for the kitchen hose is from the drinking tank or general tank? Also wondering if you fitted the Wade Samin extra under body protection?

  27. Just left Karumba a week ago, quite happy to go back again and hang out longer next time. We don’t even fish, just a great place for those sundowners

  28. Sue Wiles says:

    How do we book for your area for van jam

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