ARP | Make or Break OTB Open | Oakley / Proctor | The 4 holes that are the key to winning OTB |

Ace Run Productions bring you the latest Make or Break featuring Eris Oakley and James Proctor. We are here at Swenson Park for the OTB Open Presented by MVP Disc Sports. We are revamping this series and now breaking down the 4 holes that will be the keys to success on this course. Come join us and let us know your thoughts on the new format.

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8 Replies to “ARP | Make or Break OTB Open | Oakley / Proctor | The 4 holes that are the key to winning OTB |”

  1. Thanks everyone for watching! Check out the links in the description to get your hands on some of our newest MERCH! We appreciate the support so much!!

  2. Dominic T says:


  3. Eric Rash says:

    I’m going steady cookie 🍪 lol!! Proctor’s the man 🥏

  4. Tim Dewit says:

    What is this horrible smell?

  5. NESFloridian says:

    Woohoo. I won something today. Thanks Eric!

  6. angstony says:

    This content is Awesome-Sauce! Lets go boyz – Good Luck!

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