Minnesota Vikings scoops: Ivan Pace, Kirk Cousins and more

Minnesota Vikings scoops on Ivan Pace, Brian Asamoah, Kirk Cousins and more; Plus Minnesota Timberwolves scoops on Anthony Edwards, KAT and more scoops from Doogie.

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41 Replies to “Minnesota Vikings scoops: Ivan Pace, Kirk Cousins and more”

  1. Paul Hanson says:

    Seems like the most fans can expect is a once in a great while win. But never even think the odds could be enough to win the Super Bowl. Players don’t earn their pay at all and fans should just stop forking over hard earned money for 64 year losers.

  2. gogophers14 says:

    Please don’t go after Derek Carr

  3. TJ Just says:

    Do a podcast on what to do if Kirk gets hurt. Nick Mullens cannot be your answer.

  4. Cooper says:

    Maybe they will blame the loss on cousins when he didn’t play 😂😂😂

  5. M Leaf says:

    Cousins is gonna be gold as an NFL commentator.

  6. Number 8 . He's had plenty of chances . The money that the Vikings paid him . Was superstar money . . You can't tell him anything .when it gets hot in the kitchen he panics .4/8 He has to thave a backup that is no good . So he can feel confident . To the owners aren't you tired of pissing away money? . We need a young mobile quarterback . Be done with this guy . He's not a winner . He's not going to win the super bowl .

  7. I mean if Jefferson wants like 30 million a year i don't see a place for cousins after that contract.

  8. ryo28mn says:

    We gotta stop with the hype train with training camp. We can’t be that desperate with the lack of football can we? Good gosh this has the hallmark of typical Minnesota where the hype will get large and we will feel great about the team… and he will be a bust

  9. Rich R says:

    Has scoops Doogie ever been 100% about anything!

  10. Bob Sacamano says:

    All he's ever been is Dookie

  11. morganfarl says:

    Who's putting together a blooper reel? I'd love to see it. I assume there'd be plenty material

  12. mdiggler says:

    Here's a list of scoops given by Dougie today, in case you missed it:


  13. When is kirk cousins going to be on purple dairy?

  14. Mark Wills says:

    Doogie must have had a great holiday. Very chatty.

  15. YooperGuy906 says:

    Why isn't Kwesi Adofo Mensah doing his job?? He's got two major players that everyone knows the Vikings need in our locker room in T.J. Hockenson, and Justin Jefferson that needs contracts. Kwesi is good at bring in former 1st round players that were busts for cheap and that's fine if we want a roster full of misfits, but we need some real players to complete for a playoff run. I mean I'm in my fifties and I need to see the Vikings Win a Super Bowl before I Die!!! At this stage I'm not sure the Wilfs made the right choice bringing in a stock trader to do the roll of a GM. His drafts selections so far haven't worked out and he can't sign major contacts. Your opinion is needed and how long do you think we have to put up with GM before we go looking for a new one or he gets his act straightened out. I afraid we are going to lose our most valuable players because he can't do his job at the bargaining table.

  16. Adnan S. says:

    The internet don’t like Judd 😂😂😭😭

  17. Corey Carter says:

    Took yall forever to talk about the locker room speech lol

  18. The Vikings deserve Kurt and vice versa. Choke artist QB for a choke artist franchise to go with a fan base with the fortitude of the cowardly Lion from the wizard of Oz. Perfect.

  19. How do I remember every year Phil telling stories about Kurt kuddins in preseason firing up the troops but Phil doesn't? Such a weird piece of propaganda every off season from you guys.

  20. Cool, so we’re gonna be stuck in mediocrity for another three years? Awesome.

  21. Timothy says:

    Need to cut off Judd every scoop episode!!

  22. The biggest issue I have with this mediocre franchise is how we constantly don’t make moves to support our best player. JJ is entering his prime and you don’t have the quarterback situation for the next couple of years hammered out is almost criminal. We have seen this mid franchise waste so many Hall of Fame players primes it is maddening.

  23. Chris Smith says:

    Judd on top form here 😂😂

  24. And wonder why the Vikings have zero chance of ever winning a Super Bowl . Keep extending a QB who has 1 playoff win in his career and will never have another . The entire NFL laughs and mocks us . Minnesota fans don’t care they forever love mediocrity

  25. I'm not a tech guy, but I'm still laughing at Judd.

  26. 18:40 the professionallty by doogie was fantastic there .

  27. G Clark-O says:

    Lfg tonight is the night

  28. Doogie stop the mention of Kyler M. He would be a fungus for this team!

  29. Big Licker says:

    brian "ah sum wah"

  30. This was a great episode! Judd's frustration was comical

  31. hbk15111 says:

    The Vikings could easily trade up for a QB3 in the draft.

    You can’t keep pushing the Kirk can down the road. What if we extend him, and still don’t take a QB in round 1? Extend him again in 2025?

  32. More non scoops with Doogie! 😅

  33. Pretty sure he beat Bree’s rd 1

  34. Disgrace says:

    Cousins has made it past the first round of the playoffs. His second year they beat the saints, how does Judd not know that?

  35. nano. joe. says:

    KFAN ratings keep dropping since last fall. Now ranked #12 in Minnesota. 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉💩💩💩💩

  36. Great content , good laughs😃 this afternoon guys. Football is back 🏈 !

  37. Shorter length commercials please.

  38. Dan says:

    I'm starting to think Judd's technology gaffs are staged for comedic effect. If so that's a brilliant addition to the show

  39. frozen north says:

    Jordan Hicks is out there for his mind, not for his aging body. If IPJ or BA were able to wear the green dot and quarterback this complex and communication-heavy defense Week 1 2023, there wouldn’t be as much need for Hicks m.

    So there’s still probably a long-term vision for BA even if he doesn’t end up filling the “younger faster ILB” starter position in September.

    The future of the Vikings still needs ILBs, and Hicks isn’t going to be one for much longer, so I don’t think any amount of success from IPJ is going to be a threat to BA.

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