Ask DLG Show Episode #262

For Ask DLG Show #262, join me as I answer your health questions live for the next hour!

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23 Replies to “Ask DLG Show Episode #262”

  1. J Meg says:

    Could use the bowel treatment

  2. J Meg says:

    I use Berberine to get back to the A1c of 5.4. Is up a bit. Of course I need to be more active on the Eliptical and walk up and down stairs. Not out much.

  3. J Meg says:

    Biotin is supposed to be great for growth of hair. Have all the symptoms of low thyroid. No eye brows, few lashes, dry skin, little body hair. Allergies to IV iodine, kelp, seaweeds not Spirolina or fish, oyster, clams, shrimp. Avoiding Astazanthin cuz seaweed skin care burns. Can't use iodine in pills or Bladderwrack. Fear of getting another anaphylaxis episode. Coleus is my goto herb. Bounces me into energy. I feel corrected and connected to me. Who knew Coleus is a source of natural iodine. Test results are low to good. Still seek thick hair on my head. A biotin/ iodine issue?

  4. J Meg says:

    Used the Coconut oil in coffee for a week. Did lose 4 pounds but gained really achey Knees. What is that all about? Guessing I can't handle the high fat dispite taking 10 mcg of biotin. Never could. One of the few people who don't eat bacon 🥓 . Way too greasy! Never thought to have an issue with coconut oil. Use it for dry skin.

  5. J Meg says:

    Moringa in coffee? Holy Moly!!! 😁 You are All Over 🌷

  6. I love that coffee mug

  7. I finally read your book to the end. It feels great to have a Dr. That recommends natural solutions. I've been working on this for the past 13 years using myself as a test person. Id read ten viewpoints try them one @ a time til the supplement was gone then try another. The reason? My doctors would tell me if i didn't consent to their drugs that i always developed a problem with, they would refuse to run the labs i desperately needed. No one knows your own body like you do. I love your approach . Im slower to get there but i will join when i can. For now im doing grass fed organic collegen, barberine, black walnut, & acv in a quart of water & a few others for detox. My sugar is now 125 after eating with no meds. bittermelon & grape seed extract after 5 years shrunk every mole on my body! I'll never stop taking that one. Thank you for being patient with our ignorance.

  8. If I may…. It’s my understanding that we need k2 with the d3 to metabolize the d3

  9. Good morning from San Diego

  10. Kathy Moses says:

    Have vertigo 24 hours a day but what I also have is constipation I only get to use the restroom once a week and that’s with MiraLAX every day and then I take three Dulcolax at the end of the week and then I have the next day, where I get to go to the bathroom and it’s an all day event I’ve totally ruin my G.I. system. Tried the magnesium. It didn’t work . Doctors aren’t much help with any of this even with the vertigo.

  11. Kathy Moses says:

    Good morning from Alabama I’m late for your show I know it’s over

  12. Kathy Brosch says:

    I have a recipe for mustard pickles from my aunt. They're delicious! I buy the little organic cucumbers from Sprouts. Mix it up, add cucumbers cut the way I want them, and put them in my fridge for a week or two till they get the taste I want. Easy peasy. 😊 I also love beets! I put 2 cans sliced beets in a container with the liquid and add acv. Let it set in fridge overnight. I eat them with some of the juice and I drink it after I eat them. Usually a cup at a time of beets. Any juice left at the end of the container, I drink it. It stops my reflux. Dill Pickle juice also works for reflux. About 2tblsp straight, or mixed with a little water. 😉

  13. Angie Gomez says:

    Good morning everyone!

  14. Your mom's name is Kellene??!!

  15. BK Barber says:

    If you have factor 5 blood condition, you can't give blood, can you? So what can you do without taking thinners?

  16. This is my. first visit to this site, how to sign up

  17. Don't see the link to join challange

  18. Good morning from Florida

  19. Good morning from New Mexico

  20. Louise Glenn says:

    Good morning! From Oklahoma

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