Part Two of the Signature battle With Uli!!!! !!!!Giveaway!!!!!!

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40 Replies to “Part Two of the Signature battle With Uli!!!! !!!!Giveaway!!!!!!”

  1. Ricky: -9
    Uli: -2
    Would love to see an underdog win, but gotta give my real guess.

  2. scott c says:

    23 under par…final answer

  3. jertsuli says:

    Ricky goes -14 and Uli goes -11. Loving the content

  4. dbogs9870 says:

    -21 total
    Rick – 13
    Uli – 8

  5. -15 for Ricky "why so lucky" and -10 for the ageless Wonder Uli

  6. Gotta be Ricky -12 and Uli -6 after the poison ivy cripples him on the first shot

    Edit: Fern should have been a part of the challenge. Where is his signature line??

  7. Bud says:

    -12 ricky -9 uli. Fun video I enjoyed

  8. FOULEM says:

    Double bag them disc Uli

  9. H K says:

    Ricky: -69

    Paul +420

  10. Ricky -13 and Uli -9

  11. Kate Kidd says:

    Ricky at -11 under and Uli at -9

  12. Scott Ackley says:

    Ricky – 9, Uli -8. Good luck all. Congrats to the winner and enjoy the discs. And thanks to Ricky and Uli

  13. Eric Dixon says:

    Got me a signed sockibomb at ddo so ill say 3 down combined 😅

  14. Big fan of Uli's signature DG-bag 🙂

  15. Darren Erbe says:

    -17 combined, good luck!

  16. Pj Lopez says:

    Holy crap I said -23 on Uli's …….went with the MJ homage!

  17. chillysdad says:

    Had me rolling the whole time! You guys are the best 🙂

  18. ricky – 15

    Keep up the awesome content!

  19. I'm going to say Ricky at -11 and Uli trailing by 3 at -8. Ricky's luck will persist!

  20. Ricky -11; Uli -8; Total -18

  21. Awesome video thanks yall

  22. Jevin Torres says:

    That’s your closing. Disc in the chains

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