Assaulted with a golf club at the Clark Mills,NY post office. John is going to be arrested.

Clerk waits till a patron walks in to tell me to leave. When I politely refuse her request, the patron, John decides to retrieve a golf club from his car and assault me with it.

Unedited attack

Unedited attack scene. Full attack at Clark Mills post office. Attacked with a golf club.


22 Replies to “Assaulted with a golf club at the Clark Mills,NY post office. John is going to be arrested.”

  1. I liked the way those police handled it.

  2. CeeEss Cee says:

    The old fart has such audacity to attack you with a golf club and you were so quick to let him go and offer to shake his hand.. it's disappointing, no justice served, no lesson learnt..🤨

  3. Tivvy says:

    You found an ass, hole in one. 😂

  4. Lawdog#2021 says:

    Anyone else have their Christmas tree up in August???…🤯🤯

  5. Slam Bradley says:

    ALWAYS press charges

  6. What is the outcome, Sir?? Did he go to jail, what's going on with this?

  7. Little T says:

    The only reason I wouldnt have pressed charges is if you gave him the spicy sauce. That would have been worth it

  8. Little T says:

    This Old man is a fool! Next time he may be facing someone exercising their 2A!

  9. kudos to the blue on this

  10. Heavyset says:


  11. Heavyset says:


  12. Always press charges it's the only way they learn. I'm going unsubscride

  13. Bruce Bryan says:

    The old goat got teed off.

  14. Johnny Feher says:

    You done everything right except the bit when you got on your knees and opened your mouth.

  15. Tim Rostar says:

    That was crazy he went out and got a weapon came back in and threatened you. That is felonious assault with a weapon I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if you press charges or not he's going to be prosecuted

  16. Tim Rostar says:

    Does not look like John got arrested

  17. With all this documented on video. THE STATE SHOULD PICK UP THE CHARGES! Anyone want to report an assault!?

  18. Somehow the combination of Reality TV & "See Something, Say Something" has turned Americans into anti-Freedom communists. "You need my permission to film me"? This is the USA buddy, Not CHINA!

  19. The Wymans says:

    This videographer is a real jerk. When the customer asked him to stop filiming him he should have stopped. What a jerk, jerk, jerk thing to do

  20. c0br41 says:

    THe police made a big mistake

  21. c0br41 says:

    He is NOT in public

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