ATT Byron Nelson 2023 Betting Picks | PGA TOUR Outright bets & Top 20 locks

The Tour Junkies are dishing out PGA TOUR Outright bets, top 20 bets, and prop bets as the PGA TOUR heads to TPC Craig Ranch for the ATT Byron Nelson 2023! The Tour Junkies discuss their favorite bets on the board, the guys they’re avoiding, some long shots in this weeks PGA Tour event!

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2 Replies to “ATT Byron Nelson 2023 Betting Picks | PGA TOUR Outright bets & Top 20 locks”

  1. Wait this is my first time watching

  2. T Kim 25/1 T MONTGOMERY 50/1 D Riley 66/1 C Champ 125/1 G Sigg 200/1. From London England

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