Producers Reveal Behind The Scenes of Bob Does Sports!

The boys discuss Ticket’s origin story, early days of BDS, where the show is moving to and the future of Bob Does Sports!

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0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Youtube Performance Discussion
3:42 – Ticket’s Origin
8:12 – The Style of the Show
10:54 – How Different Generations Handle Social Media
13:40 – The Boys Screentime
18:02 – The Tickets First Trip & Origin of Nickname
25:10 – Being Appreciative of Success
30:01 – The Boys Early Day Stories
40:02 – The Future Home of Bob Does Sports
47:54 – Bob’s Dad’s Crazy Stories
53:02 – Question 1
1:00:01 – Question 2
1:03:09 – Question 3
1:05:31 – Question 4
1:07:10 – Question 5
1:08:59 – Question 6


26 Replies to “Producers Reveal Behind The Scenes of Bob Does Sports!”

  1. Matt Wood says:

    We don’t care about the March madness in Australia Jet…. You just release vids as often as possible please!!! You are all awesome, victims of circumstance… the liv v pga thing happen at the perfect time… To the moon!!!

  2. Ray Toms says:

    Would love to see Joey vs Bob again

  3. Yo, Fairways, I love the content, love the podcast, but brother….. put some shoes on. Hate looking at your f@&cking socks

  4. i dont think you guys realise just how well you would fit in Australia. loving fan. your humour is perfect. and the type of people you are. You'd be so loved. come on down.

  5. David makos says:

    These guys are second to none. I hope the flame never dulls because these guys are proof that good people can make it in this industry

  6. Bradyn Snell says:

    Bobby dirty socks, gotta be more aware, gotta be better

  7. Jake Weston says:

    Cutsy marketing wedges is a bold move.

  8. I'm here for Bob Does Food!

  9. noah wilhelm says:

    I would die for a new Bob Does Food channel to be made. Bob and Cuts reviewing their food would be hilarious, and Cutsy would never shut up about his “vast experience in the art of fine cuisine”, and Perez could have a bit where he reviews the chicken tenders and/or cheese pizza at every place you guys go.

  10. PVC Golf says:

    I absolutely loved this pod & the stories. Cheers you whippersnappers.

  11. Besides the heat in Florida anything you want to do they have

  12. I hope this move to FL means more content bc I need more!

  13. I agree with Jet, Big Tickets stock is rising, you can feel it.

  14. bigstrick says:

    bbro i felt that when ticket talked about being arrested for weed. I got hit in 2013 when felony possession of marijuana for growing and they got me with 562 plants when they raided my house and now its all off my record but it took 8 years from me smh fuck man

  15. Love this podcast and this brand

  16. G says:

    Another incredible podcast. Fam is growing

  17. Kyle Yarn says:

    It was always about not having to worry about putting dinner on the company card. #FeedBob

  18. Jay Marcum says:

    It happens fast boys. Just turned 38. When I was 30 I thought for sure I was going to be keeping up for ever. Now I might as well be 80.

  19. D K says:

    I love all the boys, but they are definitely not true old school Stern fans if they dont even know what the Wack Pack is.
    Top 5
    1. Beetlejuice
    2. Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
    3. High Pitch Eric
    4. Gary the Retard
    5. John the Stutterer

  20. y'all need a vlog for these trips. Would be epic to see the trips from y'all's perspective.

  21. Bryan Kobara says:

    Joe Dimaggio 56 game hitting streak gotta be up there for records

  22. Nslossy12 says:

    That couch looks amazing. Perfect napping couch 😂

  23. We NEED Bob Does Food!

  24. Billy Kluth says:

    What a great move on the boys for going to Jupiter. It’s such an awesome area

  25. I think 80% credit for the initial success of Bob Does Sports has to go to The Jet. The man is committed and is unreal at his job!

    Now all the boys are reaping the benefits and having the time of their lives, great to see 👌🏼

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