Back 9 at Shale Creek! Do I Break 90!?!?

Welcome Back for the 2023 Season! I’m John Baker and this is Fat Guy Golf. Follow me on my journey from a 600lb 28 handicap as I’ve worked my way down to 423lbs and transformed my body with weight lifting and have gotten a little better at golf!!

Shale Creek Returns! I’m 8 over par through 9 on a par 71. Need to finish PLUS 18!! This is one of the best course in NE Ohio and my personal favorite. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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46 Replies to “Back 9 at Shale Creek! Do I Break 90!?!?”

  1. Benny says:

    grinding! that was fun to watch

  2. icetrey 24 says:

    "And of course we bury it . . . "😂

  3. If you keep killing the driver like this you could be looking at a murder charge. Great progress ! Love the videos !

  4. jinx2162k says:

    It happens man. Hope to see you out at a course this year

  5. John, a 46 with two triples is nothing to be ashamed of. You seem to know what you're doing at shale creek. Everyone should have a course they feel super confident with and know they can just tear it up everytime. I'd really like to see you give it another go at this course. You proved with this round you have 83 in you. Keep it up, man! Congrats on 20K btw

  6. Bro, black shirt in the sun is a bad idea

  7. Chad Cook says:

    Golf will repay you back for your honesty. Great round

  8. Nice try. It'll happen, soon

  9. Dan Rogers says:

    If i can please just give one suggestion! Your head starts moving as wheels come off. Please!just for a guy that jas watched EVERY video since the beginning! (You were the first video i watched on YouTube!!!) Go out and ONLY ONLY ONLY,just kerp your jead down! Only think of that! Your irons,and putting will amaze you!promise! Dont look up till ball is gone! Thanks for coming back brother! Now go get um big guy@

  10. Unca Buzz says:

    Sometimes one part of our game lets us down. You tamed your driver and played decent with the shorter clubs. You just had a rhythm issue with the putter or maybe the speed of the greens was hard to figure. Even with the added strokes and penalty you still scored a 90. Good work. Lots of positives.

  11. Great round John! Your game has improved so much. Keep it up my man 👊

  12. Why did you take 2 strokes on the out of bounds? We just take a stroke

  13. Good round.. maybe time to checkout way of the playa by golf sidekick yt. Instead of putting unecessary pressure by constantly looking at your scorecard. Just aim for bogeys and count it at the end. When you dont put too much pressure youre stroke on putting looks smoooove. Lets get that 89 next time! Cheering for you brother from across the pacific ocean!

  14. John Welch says:

    Keep trying big guy, don't give up.

  15. AdamFerrari says:

    That bunker shot was amazing! I think it’s time you get your revenge on Rawiga 👀👀

  16. AdamFerrari says:

    That was a wild ride, I’m speechless 🤯 keep your head up John 🔥

  17. ijinokm says:

    Golf is a cruel mistress; she'll give you some joy before smacking you down. Then, she'll allow you a glimpse of what could be on the last hole. Just in time to keep you coming back.

  18. Z_Golf says:

    I live around the corner from that course… nice to see you back bro it's not the easiest course, dont be disappointed.

  19. ban9erang says:

    90 is AWESOME! I know it hurts but you played incredible, man. You should be really proud of the way you played and your game is rounding out nicely. Kudos, FGG!!

  20. Bill Stearns says:

    Imagine if it wasn't Fat Guy Golf ? That dude would have had some explaining to do !

  21. On point with the driver big guy. You will definitely be on 85 before end of summer. Just a few things to clean up.

  22. zenabol says:

    That last drive was absolutely piped , I can feel 85 in the not so distant future, if you can get that short game going

  23. 3:28 I'm so mad for you that that didn't drop… lol

  24. frmacleod says:

    I can't stop laughing thinking if that guy had yelled "Fat Guy Golf" at someone that wasn't you. What an awkward exchange that would turn into. LOL

  25. TheGame2417 says:

    When it comes to personal bests just let it come. You don't have to think about it. My lowest scores have come from not worrying about my score when playing. Keep it up.

  26. 73henny says:

    You should give yourself a pat on the back for shooting 90 with an OB. You now know you can break 90.

  27. You just ran out of gas like we all do. Heck of a round!

  28. illRIDDLA says:

    Good stuff, Bakes! This game is unforgiving haha

  29. jjorg48 says:

    Grew up in Illinois, live in Arizona now… I miss golfing in the Midwest. That is my kind of course. Keep at it John!

  30. Chin up big man, you get there in the end

  31. Frank Vangel says:

    Great round John! Love to see you back. Could you do a quick what’s in the bag before your next round? Curious on your equipment 💪🏽

  32. Rob Reilly says:

    You jinxed it John, never talk about how well you’re playing in the middle of a round. Love the channel, keep grinding

  33. PolarSeltzer says:

    Do you practice golf a few days, putt, chip, pitch? then play a round?

  34. The Tyler says:

    When John Baker uploads.. you watch

  35. cookieman136 says:

    Nice round, big man! Piping those drives. Some nice putts too. I’d be ecstatic.

  36. Adz Adzy says:

    Driver was good today, great stuff, nice editing john with some nice camera angles, look forward to the next round 👍

  37. Bill Haug says:

    You played good!!! On the right track!

  38. stef 1972 says:

    youre playing a lot better john than 2 years ago keep it up buddy

  39. Very glad you didn’t put the first shot on 11 into the straw in front of you like last time

  40. Matthew Ball says:

    Great round inbound 💪🏻 can’t wait for the next video

  41. David Lahey says:

    Great round John! 90 is awesome

  42. Joshua Blaha says:

    Let’s get together and play a round man seriously I can help you shave strokes and help the channel grow

  43. If you are a 24 handicap then surely a 90 is great? Even 93-94 is a good score with a 24hc.
    Though I would say a 20 handicap would be more accurate for you, and maybe you just dont hand enough scorecards in for it to change from the 24. (Im scottish and maybe the handicap system over there differs slightly also

  44. Love the channel and the content, thank you brother

  45. Kilo says:

    @3.43…you technically whiffed your 1/2 inch putt. That is technically a double. LOL

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