$30K NFFC Best Ball Draft (34 ROUNDS?!?!)

The Ship Chasing crew battle in a $150 best ball contest on NFFC with 34 rounds, kickers, and defense. They stray from their pi$$ boy roots initially, but recover down the stretch and roll some clips. We’ll be running it back next Wednesday night if and you can use promo code SHIP15 to get $15 off the entry: https://nfc.shgn.com/signup/football?for=0;1714,117,16274,55,0

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00:00 – Intro

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20 Replies to “$30K NFFC Best Ball Draft (34 ROUNDS?!?!)”

  1. Rob B. says:

    Im going to have 500 teams at least byseason start and I only wanted 3 🙁

  2. Svyatogornyj says:

    so fun hearing u bois take herbert and let yr hair down. classic episode.

  3. ZMiske says:

    What a draft Lmao

  4. GRAEG says:

    This was honestly electric

  5. 34 rounds makes my head hurt. They've taken Best Ball and created Exceptional Ball

  6. Ivan Black says:

    I only see 8:00 & 10:30pm ET for next Wednesday. Maybe the 9:30 is full?

  7. Bolic says:

    “Look how they massacred my boy”

  8. Kyle Robert says:

    This draft is what happens when you don't piss from the start. Kadarius Toney!!!

  9. Never felt anything more than pete closing his eyes and saying his child has been getting up at 515 am

  10. Rob 1010 says:

    Team overweight Kadarius 💪 😤

  11. Tyler says:

    "no no, he's lost his mind" clip it ship it HoF in SC

  12. Famous J says:

    Watch Toney play 16 out of 17 games and become a best ball darling. Good luck.

  13. a4 says:

    Man the UX on these NFFC FFPC sites is horrendous. Like playing fantasy on a Norton Commander

  14. Can’t wait for the directors cut where Pete explains how Kadarius Toney ended up on the team.

  15. Ashton Coats says:

    Yo which game/tournament is it next Wednesday night or has it filled? I follow the link but it just takes me to the lobby. And there's a lot of tournaments. Very interested in this format

  16. Chris Birkel says:

    Pittman is a younger Lazard…Is that a hot take?

  17. Pope Smoke says:

    The toney execution was perfect lmaooo

  18. Runyan4PREZ says:

    the kicker runout and sweat had me absolutely dying

  19. Cody Heim says:

    The piss boy heel turn was inevitable

  20. ROSS4152K says:

    I just had a look at CrakRok’s latest tweet. My next ten following refresh of my feed:

    1) Greg Gutfeld
    2) Bryan Tyler Cohen
    3) Jim Jordan
    4) Eric Swallwell
    5) something on Mitch McConnell
    6)Jamie Raskin
    7) something else on Mitch McConnell
    8) Occupy Democrats
    9) Hitler
    10) Spags’ George Pickens player take

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