Barbie: An Accidental Anti-‘Woke’ Masterpiece


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32 Replies to “Barbie: An Accidental Anti-‘Woke’ Masterpiece”

  1. KwikSlap says:

    The part where Barbie says “I am become death, destroyer of the patriarchy.”, was a really powerful moment I thought

  2. Roblesius says:

    Literally all Ken wanted was for Barbie to be nice to him and notice him but he didn't even get that at the end. He wasn't even really interested in power, he just thought he could use it to get some respect and kindness from those who ignored him or put him down all the time

  3. Andy Perez says:

    You claim the movie is "anti woke" but in reality your just realizing the writers are woke and don't know how to pander anymore

  4. kill gaet says:

    TBH the scene with the cheating and kens infighting and ending up in a friendly dance battle really "resonated" with me, from the women manipulating men for power gain and destroying friendships, to the men fighting and 5mins later being friends once again, to of course the fact that a bro will never let you down.

  5. goeyguts says:

    Wow her hair changed! Just like Barbie!

  6. Ellesai says:

    July 2020: "Hey your beard is nice".

  7. When Barbie bombed two cities in Japan I knew it was the best!

  8. Vandie Ver says:

    Crap now i really want to know how deep the barbie hole goes.

  9. What's hilarious to me is that if we accept that "Ken's Patriarchy = bad for Barbie World", the message is still hilariously anti-woke.

    The Kens are clearly an analogy for the disenfranchised 60s housewife of powerful businesses men (the Barbies). They have no purpose but to keep themselves pretty and live shallow lives waiting for their husbands (Barbies) to come home and give them validation.
    So when Ken (bored housewife) witnesses the most shallow, surface level experience of men. He then thinks that by acting like this caricature of Men based on nothing but the most glossy, enviable aspects of man that he is in turn qualified to be in power and lead society.
    When he gets back to Barbie-land, he tells the Kens (women) they deserve to be in all the glamorous, high-powered positions in society without any mention of working the arduous or mundane jobs which they delegate out to the Barbies (men).
    The Barbies rally against this, and use their superior intellect to trick the Kens (women) into bickering amongst themselves so the Barbies (men) can take control and be in charge like God (Mattel) intended.

    The only way the ending in Barbieworld is a "good" ending is if Ken's story was that of an antagonist. And that story begins with a "what if the genders were the other way around" analogy.

    No matter how you cut it, this movie wasn't woke. Whether it wasn't woke by accident, or intentionally, is up to debate.

  10. Aaron Baker says:

    Oppenheimer deserves all of this movies money and attention

  11. Andrew Clunn says:

    How to make this movie better? Play Ken's theme from Street Fighter 2 to drown out the sound any time the mother or daughter are talking. Instantly a classic.

  12. The matrix part made me laugh so hard I coughed.

  13. lerouge says:

    okay she said she liked dinosaurs .. based

  14. falco447 says:

    Yes, I saw Fight Club. And it was good. It was very good.

  15. honest question, why slurs

  16. WRXXXual says:

    Shoe, and her videos is like watching the personification of the Left saying, "Wait… are we actually the bad gals?" Yes, Shoe, you are the bad gals and antagonists in reality.

  17. Max Mat says:

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that shoe changed hair and clothes mid-video?

  18. Yeill says:

    Your ´angle¨ is refreshing.

  19. Kell says:

    Huh, facinating, I dont have to watch it at least now.

  20. Greg Lane says:

    It sucks when the one compliment that stands out in your mind can't be repeated in company

  21. I don't understand how the Ken's are cucked

  22. By accident it's a Literally Me movie of Ken and then toxic feminist Barbie !

    Ryan Gosling did it again !

  23. Herm says:

    This is such a braindead reading of the movie. She clearly went into the film with something in mind and then just filled everything in accordingly.

  24. ken comes come back to Barbi land and turn it to utopia were both man and women are happy
    until feminist barbi comes back and she kidnaps other Barbies and literally brain Wash them to convince them they are miserable

    if someone has to convince you that your life is miserable,then your life is fine
    you don't need whip on your back to realize slave's life is suck

  25. Ngl that matrix with the clubbed to death background music was fire af lol

  26. Tenajeh says:

    What if I told you that the Barbie movie is neither "woke" nor "anti-woke" but a clash of both, showing how there can be a balance where everyone, regardless of how they came into the world, Ken or Barbie, boy or girl, carreer- or fun oriented, can and should be encouraged to find their own path in life? What if everyone can choose how much they rely on their biologically determined fate and how much they rather want to ignore it and do their own stuff? What if I told you that this is what woke means and that this is what makes the Barbie movie woke?

  27. He’s literally me.

  28. Indrid Cold says:

    When I visited the theatre I was asked my IQ and they said it was too high and I could not enter.

  29. Damn it. I knew Shoe was an agent of Skynet

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