Battle Stations – 1956 – John Lund

The Story …

Battle Stations is a 1956 American war film.

Crewmen of an Essex class aircraft carrier train for action in the Pacific, then come home …

Credits :

Directed by : Lewis Seiler
Written by : Crane Wilbur and Ben Finney
Produced by : Bryan Foy
Cinematography : Burnett Guffey
Edited by : Jerome Thoms
Music by : Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Production Company : Columbia Pictures
Distributed by : Columbia Pictures
Release Date : February 1, 1956

Genre : #war – #ships – #seabattles

Cast :

John Lund as Father Joseph McIntyre
William Bendix as Buck Fitzpatrick
Keefe Brasselle as Chris Jordan
Richard Boone as The Captain
William Leslie as Ens. Pete Kelly
John Craven as Cmdr. James Matthews
Jimmy Lydon as Squawk Hewitt
Claude Akins as Marty Brennan
George O’Hanlon as Patrick Mosher
Eddie Foy III as Tom Short
James O’Hara as Williams
Robert Stevenson as John Moody
Jon Locke as Wallakowski
Carleton Young as Rear Admiral

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20 Replies to “Battle Stations – 1956 – John Lund”

  1. RM Bandy says:

    "Battle Stations"???? More like boring stations. 25mins in and I'm out.

  2. 1:21:04. That car is a bit late for this movie.The continuity supervisor missed this one.

  3. James Bugbee says:

    Quite a strange movie, from many particular angles. Some of it might B 'cuz of the morale situation on board the Franklin herself.
    Got a few fresh ship images

  4. So Captain Bligh is fiction. I think the Captain of this ship needs to read up on history. No excuse for ignorance. Apart from that, this was a mighty strong movie. My last ship was an aircraft carrier. RIP all sailors who go down the deep for a final resting place. God Bless you all!

  5. Amazing but sad for the 2300 who never made it back home. Poor loves.😒

  6. Susan Cooper says:

    I have never seen this movie before, but I have enjoyed watching it. My father was on a British Aircraft carrier and I know it's a film we would have watched together. Good acting and enjoyed Richard Boone as an approachable captain. Thanks for posting β­β­β­β­β­πŸ€—

  7. the movie Wings made before 1940, A real classic !!

  8. I would like to see In Harms Way starring John Wayne Kirk Douglas

  9. Dinky Doyle says:

    Captain Bligh was the real deal. He became vice admiral. Born 1754 died . 1817 nothing fictitious about this fella

  10. Good to see this movie again. One continuity is the brief scene at 1:01:10 of the Japanese aircraft with a torpedo suddenly attacking dropping bombs. Must of pinched the footage from a Japanese propaganda film?

  11. Stu Lynn says:

    This is about the USS Franklin and it's crew with actual footage of the ship

  12. tombo865 says:

    fastest gun alive with Glen Ford

  13. David Luck says:

    Bill Bendix @ sea….I remember his TV series "The Life of Riley" from the mid-1950's. That was quite boring too.

  14. Arthur Crego says:

    Pork Chop hill is a great film

  15. Steve Hardy says:

    "The Purple Heart" would be a great addition.

  16. Can you shoe "This Park is Mine" starring Tommy Lee Jones? Thank you. 😁

  17. Terrific movie! I don't usually like war pics, but this was excellent. I love these old onesπŸ‘β€οΈ

  18. Bill Vinson says:

    That was a great prayer. ❀

  19. J Gonzalez says:

    Great Movie! I had never seen it.
    It makes me so proud of All our WWII brave courageous and dedicated Service Men and Women that Served in various areas of our Armed Forces.β€πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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