Skytrak+ Outdoor ISSUES and How To Fix Them?

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0:00 – 1:00 – Intro
1:01 – 1:17 – Laser Dot In Sunlight
1:18 – 2:47 – PW off Mats
2:48 – 3:53 – 7 Iron off Mats
4:54 – 4:44 – Driver
4:45 – 5:55 – 7 Iron off Grass
5:56 – 6:55 – Thoughts & Trouble Shooting
6:57 – 7:35 – Introducing Slater
7:36 – 8:47 – 7 Iron Lead Tape ISSUE
8:48 – 11:35 – Lead Tape Vs Non Lead Tape
11:36 – 14:25 – Short Game Chipping Test
14:26 – 14:52 – Final Thoughts

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14 Replies to “Skytrak+ Outdoor ISSUES and How To Fix Them?”

  1. Thanks all for watching! If you want to buy the skytrak+ then use the link below and also checkout Slaters YouTube channel linked in the description 😊

    Full Sim Package Deal @247Golf

  2. Could you explain in more detail the affect in the numbers due to range balls. My range uses “distance limited” balls. How do I interpret data from these balls?

  3. Excellent, this is a huge question I've had (my home setup is outdoors)

  4. very nice – I have heard that the more the sun faces the front of the unit, the less accurate. Maybe pop down to the range in the morning and test. thanks

  5. Interesting that Skytrak says you need to hit off a mat, but the numbers were better hitting off the grass.

  6. rebelhands says:

    Those right misses with irons – similar to what i'm seeing. I tend to think it's more sunlight either bouncing off the face or beaming into the unit itself. But definitely interesting to see the difference with and without lead tape. I have none on my clubs and still see similar misreads from time to time. As i've said before, I tend to see exaggerated L to R shapes on ST+ but not so much with R to L, which seems the same as what you've had in this video. Very encouraging to see it perform half decently off the grass. Keep em' coming mate.

  7. Had great time helping out with the review dav, thanks for having me on

  8. You really should be using the protective case with the Skytrak+, and adjust the leveling with its legs.

  9. nbargolf says:

    I noticed that on the grass your shadow has moved in back of the dot. on the mat with the 7 iron your shadows was in front.

  10. Brian Bade says:

    Hitting off grass is not recommended as the flying grass/dirt can interfere

  11. Interesting, I thought it didnt work on the grass

  12. Martin T says:

    Love the Kangaroo!!

  13. dialup56k says:

    Peak Straya with the Roo passing through. Haha. Great vid mate.

  14. Herb Lamb says:

    That's wild that lead tape affects it. Thanks for the review!

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