Beating Your Scores In Swap Force Chill Stream

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9 Replies to “Beating Your Scores In Swap Force Chill Stream”

  1. aspookyghost says:

    Thank you so much for explaining how to stop certain Skylanders from crashing Wii U Swap Force. Maybe now it’ll finally let me use Series 2 Prism Break.

  2. This is random but on my Xbox skylanders superchargers is currently updating

  3. Ted Camus says:

    The highest score in Perfect Captain is 128834, if none of the enemies whack into each other robbing you of their score. I've done that with four different Skylanders !

  4. SANS 7342 says:

    How do you do this ? How do you play Swap Force on Wii U while being connected to the internet and have the leaderboards ? I have to delete my internet settings to play or the game crashes after the magic moment

  5. Free willy says:

    Ohhh new vide 😂

  6. Frienderoo says:

    Boombringer is old….😳

  7. The speed of freeze blade is unrivaled

  8. False advertising, Boom only used jolly bumble blast, not like in the thumbnail where it’s only the normal one

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