Beef and Barnzy show with Francois Lavoie

10 Replies to “Beef and Barnzy show with Francois Lavoie”

  1. Alex Merel says:

    Taxes in august???

  2. Xiao Lee says:

    Not complaining but USBC taking in $5 rake per bracket be like "nothing to see here gents"

  3. clint harris says:

    Wow 30k 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Immediate red flag someone in the lowest division is maxing out in brackets. It might not be illegal, but it's definitely wrong.

  5. Daryl Gould says:

    Hi. I'm from the Sunshine Coast in Australia where the IBF worlds were last year. I just thought the lack of teams from different countries was a bit stran🎉ge.. 13 mens and 8 womens. I really didn't like the points scoring system either.
    The plus of course was watching these bowlers live.

  6. Okeedoke22 says:

    I definitely rather lose my money to a pro bowling scratch then someone sandbagging. Anyone throwing down 9k for every bracket questions need to asked.

  7. Tyler Neal says:

    Would a league bowler need a strong ball like the Gem or would it be a better idea to get something like a phaze 2/ Xponent?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do the top 100 PBA players all have a room in their house or a storage unit for all the balls they have?

  9. alex aeikens says:

    How do you find out all the bracket information?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Frankie the Dragon Slayer with the Summit! 🎳

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