BEST BMW M5? – BeamNG Remastered 5 Series (E60) Mod

This new BeamNG mod brings a remastered BMW 5 Series (E60) to the game! This old mod has been completely overhauled and allows you to experience all the engines and the epic M5 that the 5 series has to offer. Let’s drive this future classic around Italy!


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Music from the game: “Auto Modellista”


25 Replies to “BEST BMW M5? – BeamNG Remastered 5 Series (E60) Mod”

  1. Josh Basa says:

    The best bmw m5 was the e39 m5 smooth nice design and cheap

  2. Tom says:

    thats actually really bad mod, it has bad fitments on some parts, and when you takeoff headlight theres still light

  3. S-Humihawl says:

    wheels are like "okay i'll catch you later then"

  4. Paul says:

    tbh i dont like this generation of 5 series but i will download the mod to play with the 520d

  5. Omost IM says:

    I’m definitely gonna give this another download I have the earlier mod and it was already one of my faves in the 550i auto setup. One of those cars I’ll never own irl but like

  6. miftah says:

    Excellent content 👍🏼
    Hope you can make a video about e30

  7. RoxiToxi says:

    More BMW mod pls

  8. duct tape says:

    BMWs make some of the best sporty sedans prove me wrong

  9. RedSmokeFZW says:

    Well this mod just so happens to be a classic case of a car that came from a shady, untrustworthy mod website and placed here on the forum where it should really belong and have it done correctly like a true BeamNG community loyalist.

  10. HP says:

    I’m gonna have to boot up the sim rig for this one 😁

  11. 8:23 so the 550i came with diled dow version of the smg

  12. CL4SSiCS says:

    I had the pre remastered mod and it was fairly good, it had some rough edges and the indicators was glitchy, glad the mod is improved

  13. CertiTV says:

    They all have m5 mirrors and the smg gearbox lever on non m5s and the e60 generation didnt come in 540i spec

  14. Kor Vbert says:

    Can you find some good mercedes mod?

  15. Lauris says:

    All of the variants combined, i have probably driven the E60 for over 3000km in beamng, my fav car ever

  16. ERROR says:

    Best looking car ever!

  17. Chris3 says:

    Ah yes, the ultimate sedan from back in the day, sadly the v10 was Notorious for its unreliability but still was an amazing car, I really want to see more modern bmw car mods for beamng

  18. duong pham says:

    hey i have see that mod also a days ago i have seen the mod file of this mod been deleted because the author taking the c series of vibestaion 5 without permmision(maybe) and yes is back

  19. Vxtik says:

    Be em double lu

  20. Red Phoenix says:

    @11:01 Yep, one of the first cars if not the first car with a 7 speed gearbox in a production car.

  21. :fun fact it was in a movie called fast 6 it i guess the v8 and v10

  22. Langit Rizky says:

    Alright, we now need the E36, E46, E30, and maybe even the E90…

  23. Avery Smith says:

    Love the automodelista music great game

  24. While I am neutral to this car irl, I will certainly try it out!

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