Big Jerm Invented a New Shot Shape

European Open

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35 Replies to “Big Jerm Invented a New Shot Shape”

  1. There’s nothing I love more than the sound of metal on nonstick

  2. Jake Hebert says:

    I need to see more scuzzlebutts out of all you guys please.

  3. amazing to me that a man had never had coffee, live in a closet all your life?

  4. 5-head move on Isaac's part, now he will never be given cooking duties.

  5. Frothy says:

    Fork on non stick😳😳😳

  6. El güero says:

    Finish cooking your pasta in the sauce, it will absorb the sauce and the starch from the pasta water will thicken the sauce. Pouring sauce on top of cooked noodles hurts my soul.

  7. To be fair, the "generic" finnish coffee.. isn't that good. 🙂 Sorry kultakatriina/juhlamokka lovers.

  8. Alden, you hurt me to the soul when you grimaced on your first sip of coffee. Did you add any sugar, or just the cream?

  9. You guys being nervous around Kristin is so adorable 😂 These vlogs rock (except the fork on non-stick pan 😬)

  10. Lets gooo nice video again!

  11. Ben Oship says:

    If I ever hear an announcer say “Isaac Robinson is absolutely cooking today”, I’ll know something is going terribly wrong.

  12. I just wanted to pop in and say that your hair is absolute 🔥 I'm working up to a man bun, but I'm still a long ways away from where you have it

  13. David Duncan says:

    To see such great disc golfers being total fanboys? Priceless.

  14. gagavon says:

    What’s more funny than the video is everyone pouting about the metal on non stick.
    Who gives a shiv

  15. Kurt More says:

    Imma say let's ax Cooking With Isaac ngl

  16. Gavin just casually threatening nuclear war 🥶

  17. Ah I thought I tasted a little pan coating in there. At first I thought it was pepper. but now watching that he scraped the pan to death it’s all coming together

  18. Marshin72 says:

    I too hate coffee as much as Alden seems to

  19. Ralph Denver says:

    On Disc Golf Valley hole 6, an accurate/ glide River will get you a 30-50 ft putt pretty consistently. The hole gets dangerous when you try to park it with something faster. Good luck, and Love the content!

  20. HAIYAA @ 3:18 Issac using a fork on a non-stick pan!!!!

  21. Emily says:

    Alden, your videos are always top quality entertainment!☺️ enjoyed the cooking segment! You were made to be a YouTuber!😁

  22. Kudos for someone trying to cook something in suboptimal conditions.

    Firstly, there is an implement called a pasta server. You'll want to secure one of those for next time (if is a next time).

    Secondly, the correct amount of salt to add is such that the water resembles the saltiness of sea water. Do that right away before bringing to boil.

    It takes practice, but the "proper" way to finish pasta is about a minute until done (al dente) and then finish it in the sauce. Very high heat.

    Finally bruschetta is a simple add-on that is nothing to do what some restaurants call bruschetta (like with pesto and tomatoes and junk). Simply slice any decent crusty bread about 1 inch thick (on the bias is recommended). Toast in a toaster oven until golden brown. Cut the end off a compound bulb of garlic then rub one side with of the toast with the exposed garlic. That's it. Bread will be hot so will need a mitt or towel to hold.

    Alton Brown, I'm sure, has a video on these things. Probably.

  23. Dan Jones says:

    Oh god, they didnt season that beef at all did they

  24. H3ats says:

    The "Tampere-Tower" is actually Näsinneula. Neula – meaning needle, and näsi sounds very finnish – but dunno what it is.

  25. GolfinKevin says:

    6:00 it’s been very fun 😂

  26. Enedlhach says:

    I genuinely believe that none of you know how to cook. That’s what makes that bit so funny.

  27. Yojerry says:

    Take that man to Starbucks😂

  28. Espen E says:

    hope you guys got to play the Tampere course also, it was really well done even with its maintenence ongoing now. Finland is so much further than Norway when it comes to courses and discgolf evolution

  29. Was pleasure to meet you and thanks for signing my pink Alden Harris "elephant" FX-2. I hope you come to Finland again next year.

  30. hole 1 extra glide/wind break river 1 disc hyzer default aim maybe a lil lower and right depending on wind! lol

  31. Robnovi says:

    Ezra roasting Isaacs cooking attempt is hilarious. "I taste wood… from the noodle tree"

  32. OMG using metal on non-stick pans, calling spaghetti noodles, and calling ragù rabbit stew😂

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