Keegan Murray named to Select Team, new details on Nerlens Noel contract

Fox 40’s Sean Cunningham, Brenden Nunes from the Kings Pulse Podcast and The Kings Beat’s James Ham join forces for coverage of the exciting Sacramento Kings.

Topics include Keegan Murray joins USA Select Team, Mike Brown and Basketball Without Borders, Nerlens Noel non-guaranteed deal, looking at contracts in a new way, and another edition of The Business of Basketball centered around the Damian Lillard situation.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure! Big shoutout to Paul Jinkerson (@paulitition) for creating a new intro and outro for the podcast and to Brenden for creating our new overlay for the podcast.

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9 Replies to “Keegan Murray named to Select Team, new details on Nerlens Noel contract”

  1. George_M.916 says:

    Do the kings have a 1st rd pick in 2024 draft? Tankathon has Bronny James in their range. Do they take him knowing there are possibly better players but there is a chance you can lure Lebron to Sac to play with Bronny for a few seasons

  2. theyoungazn says:

    I’m telling you ham. Look into power line adapter for internet.

  3. I feel like James down plays the lakers alot lol. They're going to be super solid

  4. Dre says:

    De'aaron Fox is winning MVP this year lets go Kings 🔥

  5. James Graves says:

    You can buy portable defibrillators for from between $1300 – $2500. They are easy to use and monitor for a heartbeat and will not fire unless needed.

  6. Vitalijus B says:

    If I would go to see Barbie.. I would take that secret to my grave..

  7. It's a Barbie~world

  8. Mark at Sac says:

    7:20 starts talking about the Kings

  9. I'm convinced Ham uses 5 MB internet

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