Big Ten Director Of Officiating: Was The Hit On Marvin Harrison, Jr. Targeting?

Big Ten director of officiating Bill Carollo met with the media at 2023 Big Ten Media Days to discuss a wide variety of topics including the controversial no-call on a hit during the 2022 Peach Bowl game between Ohio State and Georgia.

Plus, a look at some rule changes for the upcoming season, what he expects to change in officiating in the next five years, and much more.


31 Replies to “Big Ten Director Of Officiating: Was The Hit On Marvin Harrison, Jr. Targeting?”

  1. 1. It wasn't targeting
    2. He drop the pass right before the hit
    3. OSU fans are still crying 7 months later

  2. OSU is the poster team of cry babies I have ever seen. They can’t win it on the field so they try to win through the media. Put on your Big Boy shorts and Win the game as you twice had a 14 point lead. So OSU can’t win without MHJ??? You guys are hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Oh by the way concentrate on beating Michigan first and not rely on a back door invite to the Big Boy Playoffs. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Dawgs on Top!!! B2B Champs!!!!!!!

  3. Only OSU fans think it was targeting. They replayed and reviewed it multiple times for many minutes. Video evidence did not support targeting. It was a hard, well-timed, shoulder-led hit to prevent a touchdown. I just can't fathom that a defensive back is supposed to slow down and let a receiver catch a ball.

  4. Lord Jamón says:

    Hey guys let it go. You lost to the mighty Georgia bulldogs. No shame in that. They are simply better and proved it head to head. Better luck next time 😂

  5. Phil Stamper says:

    I am a big Ohio State fan, but this is getting out of hand. It’s embarrassing move on we lost the game quit crying over it.

  6. The call on the play could have went either way. We have calls like that every weekend that football is played. It’s done. Let’s move on please

  7. Ferris says:

    it was intent to injure. no doubt

  8. Outside View says:

    I just became aware of this game and controversial hit. This was a very powerful hit with boy players going coming together from opposite directions. This player tried to lead with a shoulder. Are you going to outlaw every tremendous hit ?

  9. Harrison said it wasn’t targeting

  10. Chief says:

    So was Osu's defense "defenseless" when Michigan has shredded them the last two games?

  11. Se7en Max 9 says:

    os-who fans are the biggest whiners 😭 on the planet. That play represents what life is like in the SEC. You had better just stay in your “crib”(big ten).

  12. Georgia was just scared cause any of their a** were beat. Go Bucks, that's right, that's the only way if you can win is by cheating, go for it because what goes around comes around.

  13. Randy Payne says:

    Cry baby, Go Dawgs

  14. Lmao! OSU fans are so sad. IT WaS TaRgETiNg!!!

  15. Jamin Abbey says:

    How long ago was this and OSU fans are still stuck on it and complaining. This is UNBELIEVABLE! Move on to maybe getting ready for this season 🤔

  16. Jim Cogar says:

    Yes, it was! To reverse that call was ridiculous. OSU would have won the game if MHJ had stayed in the ballgame.

  17. Bennie Woods says:

    Last play of TCU vs Michigan had a blatant targeting on the last play totally seen on replay . Georgia play vs OSU was violent hit , reciever was drilled in a Defenseless posture and obviously was a penalty

  18. Mando says:

    He doesn't want to say it was targeting but he knows it was targeting…what a POS

  19. THIS PLAY was the poster boy for Targeting lol — NOBODY understands or reads the rule — the Georgia player never looked at ball at all, he zeroed in on a defenseless player with intention to launch himself to strike him forcefully period

  20. Thank you Mr. Carollo! We have been saying it was a personal foul with targeting for 8 months. First down at the one yard line, Buckeyes score and go up 42-24 and the game is over.

  21. Jeff says:

    He admitted targetting! Launched head first!

  22. Justin says:

    Compare the hit against Clemson where the Ohio state player was literally kicked out of the game. To the hit the Georgia player did against Harrison and didn’t even get a flag. 😂. The biased against Ohio state because ESPN owns the acc and sec network is literally laughable. People don’t even talk about the camera Ohio state found in the Georgia dome that was illegally filming the Buckeyes practice. But Kirby knew the fake punt was coming. 😂.

  23. So what about the hit on Trevor Lawrence? Why was that targeting? Oh I know…because it was Ohio State.

  24. UW Huskies says:

    It probably should have been targeting. But it's over now. You might as well move forward but use it as motivation this season if you're the Buckeyes.

  25. Appreciate Mr Carollo trying to clarify some of this. Still, I've lost track how many times Ohio State has been screwed by targeting calls

  26. Ralph Peck says:

    so the real question is about booth review. it sure seemed that there was a lot of overturning the call on the field particularly in the fourth quarter. Can anyone tell me if we are going to continue to see 3D replay for review, and was this the first and only time ever used?

  27. It was targeting,and you might as well not even have the rule if plays like that don`t get called.

  28. Ohio State buckeye cry babies cry on and on and on for years and years and years and decades and decades and decades about the same plays and game's over and over again, lead by their biggest crybaby for decades, their number-one winer, Tim may.

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