BILLION Dollar Company… Disrupts INDUSTRY with Cheap 2023 Golf Set!?

We take a look at the new 2023 golf set that’s priced a lot less than the other big name brands can produce!?

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9 Replies to “BILLION Dollar Company… Disrupts INDUSTRY with Cheap 2023 Golf Set!?”

  1. Guy Hall says:

    Did you say Aldi? You bought clubs at Aldi?

  2. Chris Wade says:

    It would be interesting to see this compared to what you can put together for the same price. £400 new starter set v £400 used kit thats 10 years old

  3. Entertainment galore Simon. They do dome Google golf attire in Decathlon. And name brands too.

  4. texiscreen says:

    To me they look really cheap and nasty, not a fan. I think that putter should come with a set of ear plugs and a hearing damage warning too haha

  5. Do they have recoil shafts? Their previous models do, although not in a starter set.

  6. I have the inesis 500 irons and rate them highly. I have been pin high from 190 yards with them more often than enough. 2 things that let decathlon down is the web site to find and buy items. Plus i bought the shorter irons at the time as the size chart had me in that section. So I had to pull all the shafts and find 3 Nippon shafts for the 5,6,7 and then move the all the shafts down.

  7. Paul McGee says:

    I have plenty of Inesis golf equipment. Pity yours have a bit of damage from the bag.

  8. RazielTatsu says:

    not a fan of the look of the irons on this set, look like sintered metal which is really off-putting to me. Curious how this would fair against a brand like wilson's box set. I know the deep red isn't a staff model but I am curious as they occupy a similar place in cost for a beginner set.

  9. SAS Golf says:

    Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think of these bad boys!?

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