Blade or Mallet Ball Position with Putting | #shorts #trottiegolf

6 Replies to “Blade or Mallet Ball Position with Putting | #shorts #trottiegolf”

  1. J Wild says:

    I think this is your typical club/shaft company speaking from a e engineering aspect which really has no bearing on results. They tend to forget you have to actually do what’s needed to get the ball in the hole. Ball position changes visuals which changes aim which changes stroke mechanics yada yada yada you know all that. Sometimes I think they as in companies just wanna sound like they are making good sense when in reality it’s all jibberish.

  2. jaygcapps says:

    I’ve never know this. That’s awesome. Super helpful!

  3. Andruze says:

    Wish I could see his hands to see if he’s forward pressing the mallet at all. Part of me thinks playing the ball that far forward would make you want to press your hands forward.

  4. Skunky says:

    I been using my blade putter in the ball position of a mallet 😭😭🤡 time to hit the greens again

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