Brand NEW Titleist T Series Irons!! ( Are they as good as Srixon and Cobra?! )

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Today, Trevor and Tayte are putting the spotlight on the latest Titleist T series irons! Having already tested and fitted five other sets, they’re curious to see if these new irons will find a place in their bags. To find out, they’re heading to the simulator to gather the crucial data! Their objective is to compare the T series with their existing Cobra and Srixon clubs. So, which one do you think they’ll favor for the rest of the season? Only time and data will reveal the answer!

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23 Replies to “Brand NEW Titleist T Series Irons!! ( Are they as good as Srixon and Cobra?! )”

  1. Mike A. says:

    Best irons mentioned here are Miura. Just the best.

  2. Mike A. says:

    T200 sounded bad. A loud clack.

  3. Angel Matos says:

    They're only as good as the golfer. 😂

  4. Jbone182 says:

    That would be pretty cool to have that many bags!

  5. Gavin Mcb says:

    T-200s are the cleanest irons I've seen would look even better in black

  6. scratchpar says:

    Nice review. How do they compare to PXG gen 6 0311p and or 0317 cbs?

  7. Krebzy22 says:

    Overall, would you choose the P790 or the T200?

  8. How did you feel about the long irons in the T-100 vs long irons in the ZX-7? I know you combo the 5s and 7s but I assume you've tried out the long irons in the 7.

  9. Tom T. says:

    Great sounding clubs!!!

  10. Bill Cancel says:

    Found the same results with titleist irons. I wasn’t thrilled with the way they felt/performed compared to others.

  11. lee carraway says:

    Send those Titleist 200 my way. I'll put them to good use.

  12. Zeuseidon says:

    Great video! Someone mentioned below if you’ve hit the “Sub 70s” they’re talking about a DTC club brand. I would love to see you build a set of irons from all the DTC brands and compare them against the big names. Sub 70, Takomo, Haywood, New Level are some of the more well known DTC. You could definitely go down a rabbit hole with that, though.

  13. I'm 72 and last week I was fitted into the titleist 350. I was surprised that I would be fitted into a titleist iron, usually it for the better player. The Miura irons been well known as one of the best irons from Japan and one of the most expensive

  14. Just saw a few other reviews and apparently the T150s definitely offer more help compared to the T100. Should definitely tried them out.

  15. golfaddict says:

    great video boys….nicely done…..right now i am playing the stealth irons and love them so far….thinking of trying the Takomo irons and or the Callaway great big Bertha irons….would also like to try the Srixon ZX5 's….keep up the good work ya lucky buggers …cheers from Vulcan Canada

  16. Trey Z says:

    Great video. Me being a mid handicap I guess these Titleist may not be for me.

  17. Have you guys hit the Sub 70’s?

  18. Vincent Fumo says:

    I’m interested in trying the T150s. Seems like a good balance between the 100 and 200. Nice review as always

  19. " Are they as good as Srixon and Cobra " Lmao, its the other way around

  20. Dang, that's one of my goals, have a bag for each manufacturer 😂

  21. Gutz Gaming says:

    Dang i heard a lot of good things about miura irons. Cant wait for that video

  22. vinny m says:

    PXG just came out with the driver challenge. Will you two be trying that?

  23. Austin says:

    Why is your grip crazy? Ur swing looks insane

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