Our Simplest Pleasures In Life

(00:00) Intro
(16:45) Round 1
(30:50) Round 2
(43:55) Round 3
(54:22) Round 4
(1:13:11) Round 5
(1:22:59) Honorable Mentions
(1:28:23) ‘The Kill Box’

Dana Beers and Captain Cons join the boys for a Simple Pleasures Draft. We get into how this is Cons & Dana’s first time doing content together, White Sox Dave’s battle with the velcro wall, our simplest pleasures in life, and more.

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43 Replies to “Our Simplest Pleasures In Life”

  1. Brian Seo says:

    Wearing new clothes and getting a fresh hair cut both feel great

  2. Pretty cool to see Chucky doing content again

  3. Week over week Chief puts the squeeze on WSD just like he did with Carl

  4. Mike Picone says:

    Fresh clean sheets is the Jordan of the draft. Shouldn’t be allowed

  5. Carl may have been a problem/very likely has a problem, but holy shit are these 3 melodramatic

  6. Absolutely no one:
    Chief: FLIRTIN

  7. The first beer after a hard days of work sounds way better

  8. To be fair to Dave if you didn’t see that contraption and think it was a flawed design your crazy

  9. If I worked at Barstool, one of my simple pleasures would be getting under WSD’s skin.

  10. Potsy says:

    Keep Dave away from the shallow end of the pool

  11. Tank28 says:

    27:25 so Dana just going to concerts and not drinking a zillion beers? Driving home?!

  12. Alban Ajroja says:

    This is a Top 3 draft right here. Probably the hardest vote I’ve had to cast in the history of the draft.

  13. Lambz 119 says:

    Someone better take one wipe poops

  14. DG says:

    Dave is the dumbest person in the world and has no idea that he is the dumbest person in the world

  15. Jon Flegel says:

    being right is a fantastic pick.. but sometimes being right against your wife is still a loss. @captaincons please back me up. sometimes you just take the L even though you both know….

  16. Spark D says:

    Ya know Big Cat always says WSD is the most unintentionally funny person, this proves it lol

  17. Kevin Neal says:

    didn't PMT do a Mt Rushmore of best pisses?

  18. Koopa Troopa says:

    Bases clearing booger

  19. t-bone says:

    Whitesoxdave is hands down one of the top three funniest people at barstool sports

  20. jon jhon says:

    What's WSD's favorite sucker?

    Dum dum

  21. Richard Dick says:

    Zero Blog Thirty gets 0-30 views an episode for a reason. Gr00mer Chaps, Charity Case Kate, and this other guy are dipshit clown scumbags. Cut the anchor. Dana King of the BJ's kicks ass though.

  22. Tank28 says:

    Wonder if Eddie cares about his health?

  23. WSD leading with the crown of the helmet

  24. Connor Green says:

    I've never seen someone so incapable of laughing at himself more than Dave. He just doesn't realize he's making it worse by getting pissed at these funny moments. Truly magnificent.

  25. brett cramer says:

    Chief is a man of the people. Randall road is a nightmare during rush hour. But man, when you get a flow of green lights, it’s a beautiful thing. Loved Randall road on those days and to Dana’s credit, driving on that road with the windows Down was so nostalgic.

  26. 1:18:03 Cheif being so “smart” telling a lie. Imagine thinking Sm and Lg are the same volumes. Common Cheif L

  27. TMar says:

    Chief is such a pussy. "Ill do it at the next one." Ya sure you will fatty

  28. How does Dana not take a shower beer.

  29. J E says:

    Why does everyone coddle one of the biggest idiots that chooses to be in front of a camera daily? You are a moron WSD, embrace it and defend yourself years later as a millionaire. Just an absolute brain dead moron

  30. SaltyChip says:

    Pick 1 should of been, “watching WSD fail at whatever he is attempting “

  31. Shane M says:

    Why is Dave so lame now LOL

  32. DiscoPotato says:

    This draft was a dud

  33. Chief laughing and knowing exactly what eddie was going to say before he even said it in response to WSD's 5th round pick 🤣😂

  34. Brian Hejl says:

    Lawn Mowers will never be the same. LOL WTF

  35. This draft was so bad

  36. Rip Wheeler says:

    WSD is so dumb he doesn't even realize him getting defensive and not owning it, make it 100x time funnier. Such an insecure, angry, little man lmao

  37. Daragh says:

    Farting while naked is a simple little pleasure

  38. David Miller says:

    Cons makes this unlistenable

  39. matt sean says:

    Wonder what’s been going on with WSD behind the scenes. He’s been a mopey little baby the last 3 months or so. Miserable. Very annoying

  40. HsC says:

    Havent listened to the whole thing but Dave won

  41. Can’t be the only one who thought Dave’s joke at the end was a little much. Yikes

  42. homerun0222 says:

    WSD is Charim soft

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