BRAND NEW Titleist T-Series Product Tech Review


Tech Summary:
Feel is essential for the best players in the game. The refined, fully forged dual-cavity
construction of Titleist T100 produces a more solid feel at impact, while the precision CNC face
milling process leads to more consistent contact for greater control.


Tech Summary:
T150 is everything players love about T100, only more. The fully forged feel and precise
flighting – in 2-degree stronger lofts – offer outstanding touch and control, while the refined
Muscle Channel and updated shape enhance feel, forgiveness and player confidence.


Tech Summary:
T200 represents a dramatic leap forward in feel. The entire internal construction of this forged-
face iron has been reengineered – with a more stable chassis, refined Max Impact Technology
and a new dual taper face – to deliver maximum speed with Tour-level feel.


Tech Summary:
Starting with a new hollow-body construction based on the T200 chassis played on Tour, the
T350 maximises speed and forgiveness through a refined Max Impact Technology, a new dual-
taper forged face and dual tungsten weighting. Now any player can benefit from Titleist’s most
advanced engineering.


Tech Summary:
U•505 is the ultimate, high-launching utility. A new, cleaner design creates more confidence at
address, while the refined Max Impact Technology, reengineered chassis and new Variable
Bounce Sole all improve the feel and overall performance. It all adds up to a versatile utility that
plays like an iron.

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13 Replies to “BRAND NEW Titleist T-Series Product Tech Review”

  1. Excellent nuanced walkthrough of the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the recent Titleist series launch. Great work – as always! 👍

  2. Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone articulate the nuances of golf technology better than Simon. Amazing video again gents ⛳️

  3. Jordan Webb says:

    Great review 👍👍.

    Thinking going a combo set of t200’s 5-8 and t150’s 9-GW.

    What would you recommend a degree stronger in the 9 and pw ?
    Or I could get 5-9 in t200 standard lofts and 9-gw in t150 2 degrees weaker. Have two 9 irons to bridge the gap in loft.

  4. Marc Taplin says:

    Brilliant, thanks Simon very informative

  5. Gavin Lloyd says:

    Great review! Got me very interested in some new toys.

  6. Markus Hayes says:

    That’s the previous generation in the thumbnail.

  7. Any love for the Accra steel wedge shaft ? Are they more tip or counter balanced and what style of golfer would they suit best ? I ask because the 120 would look to be a nice progression from an AMT Black R300. Thanks

  8. Would be interesting to see what the descent angles were. Not shown on your screen. Normally when a given number club is stronger lofted, you get more distance but also a lower descent angle and with less spin that means less stop and longer rollout. Is that same tradeoff at work here with the 6 irons? I suppose you can take the carry vs total to indicate stopping power, but there wasn't much difference. You got 9 yards with the 100 and basically 10 with the other three.

  9. Andy Corso says:

    This is a deep dive indeed, great for anyone considering the new offerings👍

  10. Nice video Simon. Does the U505 come with the Axiom shaft?

  11. Are the new models all made from a forged construction as opposed to the older versions of T200/300 which I believe were cast ???

  12. Dave Hurley says:

    Fantastic video 👍👍

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