Brawl Esports Best Moments – July Monthly Finals BSC 2023

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11 Replies to “Brawl Esports Best Moments – July Monthly Finals BSC 2023”

  1. Are you playing bs right now. Because I just played a match with a Belle called "Code:Ark" and they were a supercell content creator

  2. DlazPlay says:

    Please bring back boxes

  3. Sean Zhuang says:

    Ark’s enthusiasm in broadcasting is simply unmatched 🤩

  4. REANS says:

    Nothing is better than Chino Colette on that hard rock set 😍

  5. LCQ is a LAN right ? Otherwise theres no point of that 😐

  6. VITO EGGHART says:

    Ark! Will LCQ also be broadcasted so you could earn reward, becose I don't know if I could watch monthly finals?

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