BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Ryder Cup Team's LIV Golf Conundrum STARS IN JEOPARDY…

This is breaking news! we are just over a month away from the Ryder Cup and the entire golfing world will be casting their eyes on the event…But the big breaking news right now is WHO’S IN? & WHO’S OUT? of the Ryder cups teams for Ryder CUP team USA & Ryder Cup Team Europe…

In this golf breaking news video will see who is in the automatics spots, what team is looking strongest and the MOST likely picks to feature in Italy this year in the 2023 Ryder Cup. Both team captains are ready, Luke Donald & Zach Johnson are the captains this year!

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26 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Ryder Cup Team's LIV Golf Conundrum STARS IN JEOPARDY…”

  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    Who’s coming out on top? TEAM Europe or TEAM USA?

  2. ricardo Kell says:

    Bryson has to go in….

  3. Strong, strong case for Bryson DeChambeau, and Patrick Reed also has a good record

  4. smh lagoon says:

    I will fly to Europe to take a lesson if you promise me you will turn me on to WHATEVER drugs or adult beverages Josh was doing when he named Danny Willett as a 2024 Wild Card pick. Even adding in all the truly dumb-ass American captains of the past 40 years, I can't think of ONE who would make that pick. Good for having a laugh… lol. PS … Both of you picked USA as favorite, which makes me think that both of you had been overserved before the podcast.

  5. HMS Lion says:

    On another point, but why has the DP World Tour shut down for about a month at the height of summer. Normally the race for Ryder Cup points would now be reaching its climax. What is going on? And if its purely down to lack of sponsors then events from other parts of the season should be moved to these weeks

  6. John Angle says:

    If the DP Tour keeps going downhill the USA might have to limit its picks to the Korn Ferry Tour.

  7. John Angle says:

    The USA will dominate this year. The only chance it’s even entertaining would be if the LIV guys are in.

  8. David Bundy says:

    how can you not mention Patrick Reed Captain America who has shown good form all year especially in the majores?

  9. Dantdm 2 says:

    Who from Europe has played well,at the Marco Simone course?

  10. Dantdm 2 says:

    Why not Taylor Gooch?

  11. Ed Anzore says:

    I believe, since its continent vs continent, you should play the majority of your golf on those continents

  12. Dam W says:

    Gooch needs to play easily, plus brooks, maybe bryson from liv. If they don't they will get smashed by Europe!
    Europe needs to pick stenson

  13. AndynAZ says:

    Team USA: Koepka, Schauffele, Scheffler, Fowler, Speith, Homa, Harmon, Clark, Young, Keagan, Finau, Johnson.

  14. Scottie Scheffler did play in the 2021 Ryder Cup. He played 3 matches and won Team USA 2.5 points. I'm sure he even beat Jon Rahm – who was world No.1 at the time.

  15. Jeff B says:

    On paper Team USA should win. Since it is being played in Europe, that gives you folks a chance.

  16. Scheffler went 2-0-1 in the 2021 Ryder Cup

  17. Warren Cole says:

    You didn't pick anyone from the most dominant team this year the Range Goats? Taylor and Harold are good friends and have been dominating the leaderboards this year.

  18. I would NOT pick JT, NOT ever to clean up the locket room

  19. Jeff Kessel says:

    Didn’t even mention Bryson?

  20. John Sadler says:

    Agree with Cameron Young

  21. John Sadler says:

    Thomas and Morikawa have struggled to make the cut in multiple tournaments. hope the USA picks them 🙂

  22. Jeff wootton says:

    Patrick I agree with 100 percent . That’s goes for all sports. If you come her and go to college in America then you should represent America. In your sport since your getting all the training here. Go back home and go to college and get your training their.

  23. Scottie Scheffler played in the last Ryder Cup

  24. Ryder Cup aint strokeplay, Go Eorope

  25. you need captain america,,,,,

  26. Liv vs pga is the tournament I want to see, I will not watch the ryder cup.

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